The Man Inside The Mind

It’s not your image that made me weak;
It’s not the shallow that I seek.
Can you believe me if I say, t’was your light that blew me away?
Like a solar blanket of love in motion, drew me from my darkened ocean.
This joy poured through, and made me soar;
I could hear your voice as it ran through my core.
Melodic and pure.
You blended in my senses, left my heart breathless;
Your shine is endless, I could not prevent this.
Like warmth from the fire, you pull me higher;
I flush with desire, my mind feels alive.
I’ve lost all sense of time and space, my soul feels creative;
I’m no longer afraid to feel.
Unity, convergence, The many worlds heard this,
Now I feel the Universe thrive.
My love is truth, I see this through you;
With this, I can let go, because I know, you cannot return it.



3 thoughts on “The Man Inside The Mind

  1. Thank you both for the time you have taken to read my words.
    Sean, I am deeply honored to hear anything I have written to your music. I am humbled, and it is yours. You do not have to ask, it’s a honor for me.

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