The Magi Of The Nebula

Surge of energy; encompass my being, flight of the mind to a space so high
Forward projection, a solar intersection, I can’t stop!
Blast through the atmosphere, the sonic boom meets me here.
Void of fear, just racing through the spheres;
Life takes shapes, in worlds far away, blending in the galaxy,
The solar system passes through me.
Like a true alchemist, I exist for this;
Like a fire in the sky, I feel my senses fly;
Vast and great are the heavenly eyes.
The hum of time meets creation;
Magnetic resonance becomes elation.
Constellations of vibrations; bring on my initiation.
My life changes shape, I exhale and break through
Light of blue, light of gold, shades of vision take their hold
Contact and concentrate, the Universe dilates and pulls me on
I am here and I am gone, I am many, I am one.
I am the horizon, the parallel line;
Transmitting a frequency from beyond.
Silver lining in the sky, not to be seen with the naked eye;
Can you read my mind?
Take me over, pull me in, push me to the outer limits
I am vast, I am the key;
Speeding through reality.
Cosmos bathe me with your knowledge,
Infuse me when I reach the gates;
Spinning with the violet rays,
I bow down to humanity.
I heed your calling…



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