15 years

Was not a simple day, the vibes were clear
No amount of talking would bring you near.
Forced smiles, idle chatter,
Tension in the air, nothing matters.
How did we come this far, to stand still?
Have we had our fill of each other?
Has time made us a bore?
Did we choose to ignore the signs?
When we’re apart, we missed each other.
When we came back, feeling relaxed,
It goes right back to the fighting.
We were a team, good memories.
Years of holding each other together.
Promises can fade, nothing’s forever.
This does not make us weak.
This will not destroy our family.
To stay together, is tormenting each other.
It hurts like hell now, you feel like you drowned;
Like the life you built, just burned to the ground.
It did not feel right anymore.
Why don’t we let go?
Afraid of being alone?
This is all we know, you and me.

But we all grow, its human nature you know?
We evolve, we learn
We are not yesterday.
We loved each other,
We know each other.
But time changes everyone.
What was strong, when we did get along?
Has become a past memory.
We did not lose, we did not fail;
We did not break a fairytale.
We just moved on.
What was needed then, we filled.
Let’s be kind to each other;
Smile at good times,
Be there for the children,
With lives on our own.
Let go…


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