Trace The Muse

Kiss my mouth, kiss my hands, in the sky we meet again.
There is no promise, there are no vows.
Kneeling down, we melt through the ground.
Feed my mind and blend in my soul,
Entwine in my hair and breathe me whole.
Coil your hands around my body,
Move with me slowly, let me show you;
How I want you.
Kiss my spine, kiss my eyes,
In the sun, we are violet fire.

Hear the echo in your core, let your fingers come explore.
Taste me Muse, pull me in.
Pour yourself over my electric skin.

I want to slide in your senses, let down your defenses.
Like water and rain, you paint my skin.
This is love, not forbidden sin.

In the shadows, when I am alone.
My hands trace places I want you to roam.
Flooding waters rise then fall, I am yours
When you call…



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