Just Existing

In these words, you will not find imagination
In this poem, there is no lesson.
This soul is very tired, through all of my progression.
Life has been very hard this time; I am beaten to the ground;
Though my faith will never waiver, the tears now have no sound.
Years creep up like a silent sentence, so much time I gave repentance
But everyone falls.

So this is the bottom of my world, no further can I go
Every mistake I own, every heart I broke, every evil I spoke
I see the karmic flow.
In these words, I come to terms, with death and birth;
Beginnings and endings, just surrendering my life.
I’m so very tired, it all seems nonsense
All this pain and suffering, because in the end
We all meet again.
We all comprehend.
We all become whole.
We all becomes souls of eternal light.
Our time here makes it right.
In these shallow pros, I reap what I sew.
For now, I’m just existing.



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