Quid a me petis, Domine?

Father, please father, these words weep.

I pray for guidence, I can no longer see.

Spinning out of control, I lost my whole;

Lost my clarity.

I open my life up to you, my soul is begging.

Universe have mercy, in my love I bleed.

I ask of you nothing but simplicity.

I take each lesson, in humble humility.

I give thanks for your beauty, For the chance to be free.

I came to this earth, for a healing re-birth.

Never asked why, in the times of darkness.

I held to your light, that poured from the sky.

I feel to be kind, to love and shine.

I try to have compassion and empathy.

But I let my mind get the best of me.

Father hear my heart, no pride or selfish wants.

I understand not, what is asked of me.

Blinded by mistakes, there was no violet flame;

I bow my head in shame, show me the way.

Creation is a gift, I take for granted never.

Lifetimes pouring, from visions soaring;

Like vibrations felt in Heaven.

In this pain, I speak your name;

Quid a me petis, Domine?

In this lifetime…


One thought on “Quid a me petis, Domine?

  1. Answers may come when we least expect it. And also sometimes, from the last person or event we thought it would…

    I know you are curious and opened and alive enough to feel it when the answer will come… in this lifetime.

    Big Hug and Warm Smile to You, Beautiful! (redsonja)

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