Her Song ( written May 13 2007)

Beautiful echo, this world is so hollow;

Each step you follow, leads you further away.

My soul tried to whisper, a song in your ears;

But your fearful eyes, brought me nothing but tears.

So I stepped back.

Beautiful mystery, this moment of envy;

Washes over my body, like melted maybe.

My life tried to walk by yours, but you closed all the doors.

Just like before, I had to step back.

In the middle of this room, There’s a riddle left to bloom.

Silent and hoping,

Yet never knowing…

In the center of this mind, there’s a string that’s left untied.

You’re so filled up with pride, I wish you could be blind.

So you would really see me.

Beautiful portrait of a silent man;

His life in his hands, but circles never end.

So in his quest, to always have the best;

He overlooked her light, let his chance go bye.

She never turned around, he never seen her cry.

In the middle of his room, there was hope that never bloomed.

Silent and now alone, he’s tormented to the bone.

Now he’ll never know, cause he had to let her go.


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