Brave Life (For Mark)

What we conquer, we teach.

Fear is a belief, not who we must be.

We unfold the corners of the soul, project what you know.

Moments can pull like undertow, let sensations go and breathe.

As the eyes are watching you, they will set you free.

Do not own the rush, send it on like wave of light.

The Universe will slow the motions, bring it to the deepest oceans – to the rest of us.

We diffuse the source and send back on course, everything you sent in love back to you.

Share your truth, and help us through.

Do not fear, we are here, to learn from you.




What is this sadness I am feeling?  What has got me reeling and heaving in my space?

My life is filled with joy, yet something has a hold.

Between two places I float, I’m lost in the pull.

I am strong, I can help you along, gain your ground – tune into the sound.

What has drifted, is always found.

When the rain pours through, I still believe in you.

When life takes a hold, when it starts to feel cold, I won’t let go.

Quietly I pray, for you to find your way.

Like water to fire, like earth to sky, let yourself feel, learn to cry.

When the world falls at your feet, when you cannot bear to breathe,

When push comes to shove, I’ll hold you close.

You are never alone.

We all rise and fall, its complex, but makes us who we are.

Please do not hide away, let me cover you in peace;

Rest your mind and be.

Come and take my hand, I understand.

Believe why I am here, like the spinning of the spheres;

Like the never-ending flame, we are the same source.

Follow the course, swim into the flow, when you fall, I will catch you.

This is love.

Trusting The Forgiveness Of Pain

I’ve not blogged on my thoughts in some time, been very inspired to write poems as of late. But today I have had something come to the surface I feel poetry would not do justice. I’m deeply grateful for this understanding today, as it has been slowly coming into my awareness.

Many times in life, we come to a place where we find ourselves hurting; many believe it’s a choice. It is. But why would we chose such a thing? Is pain productive? Does it mean we punish ourselves? No, we are not punishing ourselves. There is a saying that goes, “there is a fine live between love and hate.” A bit extreme, but it does have meaning.

When you think of the extent we love someone, a friend, a sister, a lover, you can also remember times when they have hurt you deeply. For we must love deeply and unarmed to be hurt the same. But I ask of you to think of how this could help your soul, and perhaps it will also help you to learn and see how forgiving can come to you with an open heart and compassion.

Before we came to this existence, we chose certain experiences we needed to heal from. To heal karma and learn to grow. We never stop expanding, because we are light. Light never ends. When we chose to come here, we also chose other souls we love and trust beyond words to help us learn these lessons. They too understood their lesson fit perfectly with ours.

Think of this, who is one person in your life right now, that you trust with your life? Someone you know that would make choices for you that would help you the most if you could not for yourself? Now, think of trusting this person to tell you they had to leave a bit from town, but asked you to please believe them that not telling you why was best. could you trust them? I think you would.

This is the same of those who hurt us deeply in this life. before we came here, they loved us and we loved them with love one cannot imagine in earthly terms. We trusted them that in this love they would be the person to teach us such a lesson as pain and suffering from another we love hurting us.

This soul who we made a pact with, is being selfless by taking on karma for us to heal. Yes, it sounds hard to understand and maybe hard to swallow, but please bear with me.

Imagine yourself looking into the eyes of your loved one and they ask you to please help them, they have their legs trapped under a car. If they do not get out they will die. The only way is to cut off their legs. (This is graphic and I apologize, but it needs to be to give the power of what I am saying.) Both of you know it will hurt beyond words, but after the pain is over, the life will be saved. The will of life is stronger and the selfless act you are going to do by cutting them free, knowing you are hurting them so, is but a grace from the light. You take a deep breath and set aside their screams and set them free. The person might not know what it took in this lifetime for you to love them that much you would do that to for them.

This is the same for those who hurt us deeply and move out of our lives or have made a mistake that made us suffer inside. This is why forgiveness is so important for both souls. We need to remember that this life is just a small fraction of who we are and we understand small bits of why we are here. In the long run, like with the car and legs, we must understand that the pain is for healing and the love we will find again when we leave this life in the soul who shared our pain with us. Do not hold onto the pain, do not hold onto the anger and suffering. Forgive and know that though you might not understand fully why you needed the lesson of pain from this person, that if you make the right choices with the experience and KNOW, this is a healing chance to grow, you will both shine and go back to the source of that profound trusting love before you came here.

This is the beauty of humanity, that we can really find the understanding, if we learn to view life from a perfect circle and see all the way around.

Love and light to all!

The Rings Of Saturn

Who are we in this reality?

The lives bleed from us till we see.

Superimposed, closer than you know, are beings of celestial energy.

What turns the Universe? The grace of fluidity.

Soft rains pour from the heavens, mist of essence, the Omni presence.

Unify with the altered mind, meld with your kind.

Vestri lux lucis est templum.

Listen to the rings of Saturn hum, as they spin through the cerebrum.

Pull you on your axis, we are intergalactic.

Voyage home, and love all.

This Soul Is Not Lost

There is not cost, there is no plan, we must find our way through the lands.

Journey to oneness, flight through mystery, do not try to save me.

I’m not lost.

Words are moments, not the souls tourments, I have my guides.

If you really could feel me, you’d know how they heal me.

I’m not alone, I am surrounded by many – the light is my sanctuary.

I cast no spells, I draw no cards, I am the prism of love in the stars.

Child of the sun, child of the sea, I came from the deep to help others see.

The Universe calls me to flight through beyond;

Connect with me there, and open your mind.


Time has shown me, through the blindness;

Love under will is the law.

Is that what it was? No.

The intentions were pure, the pull was strong, but very wrong.

Entwined in deep night, I seeped through the cracks;

As you just lay back and let it go.

As I tried to kiss your soul, I hurt you so.

There are no words to forgive now I know.

Please believe me when I say, it was not my intent to turn it this way.

I will do the right thing and step back.

Though this heart will fall and weep, the masters decieve.

I will no longer seek.

In the words unspoken, trust me in the words I say,

I am grateful more then you can image for you, as I walk away.

I Surrender

I want to go home, to the place I’ve always known.

I want to paint the sky, step out of my mind.

My time is done here, lessons learned, love sent.

I forgive and forgiveness asked for all I’ve done.

Fallen to the earth in humbled birth and innocence.

I surrender.

I give everything I am.

The light, the soul, back to the union that makes me whole.

Letting go, into the flow of peace.

I am free, I can see, all the things we try to be.

It all came clear, then in this heart the truth appeared.

In this world, on this road, the ones we leave behind will grow.

Let them all know, how much they mean, so when it must be, the time to leave

They carry on; knowing we are close and always one…

I Will Follow

No more questions, no more doubts.

The circle closed and pulled me out.

Orchestral being of pure fluid halos.

ethereal eyes, I cannot describe.

From my hands comes the bands of rainbows, from the center of my mind;

Comes the eternal glow, only you know.

I am healed.

The lotus unfolds, and we glow, all of heaven spins the whole.

With this gift, we can soar, reach all the souls like never before.

As love grows, creation flows;

magnificent energy fused through the sun.

You were always the one, always the pull, always so close.

Now we are here, now we meet, more beautiful then I could have known.

We are free, come soar with me.

Bring the angels through, surge energy blue.

Cross the connections, so others can see, the truth in who they’ve always been.

We have the rest of eternity to create the harmony of being.

The Winding Sea Of Time

In the lull of convictions and sacred intonation, there is a movement of time.

Blessed are those who believe.

The bridge of now and forever is luminous, reaching like the fingers of a tributary.

Sail the waters of mercy, drink from the shores of empathy.

Cast no shadows, for the worlds of the lower regions scream.

Traveler of faith, traveler of light, in your quest on this sacred night,

Before you rises the winding seas.

Cross at will, under guide, through the trees.

The waves will take your moments higher.

I reach to thee, on the banks of eternity.

You cannot see me, you cannot touch me, for I am the one with the fire of beauty

The mission completes, and your life is now healed.

In the sea of time, all is revealed.

What was, always will be.

In the center of our hearts.

The Ovoid Of Light

In the center of everything, comes the light;

As we are, as we always have been.

Born of the Great Oviod, we are life as we know it.

Once one, we became many.

Fragments of the source, to experience everything at once.

The octaves resonate in waves of love, all from above and beyond.

So vast is the endless sea of being, we began to find ourselves in others.

Prisms and spectrums of the source found color.

Sound found shape and thought flooded the minds.

Time became reason and breath became reality.

We lost the eyes to see.

But the light shined on.

In our understanding, like a magnet of expanding, we feed the source.

Nothing can detour our course.

Belief just opens the doors, but even if you sense no more, you will come home.

A place you’ve always known,  you are here right now.

A perfect horizon.

The Humans Story

lesorion1Human; we are evolution.
Why are you here?
To heal.
This journey chosen by many, to raise the vibrations in heaven.
No soul that walks this earth is alone.
We will all go home, when the time is right.
In your darkest night, when will is forgotten, when hope is lost,
What ever the cost, you ask for love.
From beyond is the truth, hidden in you, so simple to reach.
Trade the wants for the needs, let go of fear, hate and greed.
All are created in perfection, but in earth’s direction – illusion breeds.
Mistakes bring change; Pain and suffering is a gift to soar.
How can it be, when you break and bleed you are free?
Human, can you not see?
In your weakest hours, in the tears that devour, in the world gone wrong,
We find our song.
Each life has a story, no two are the same.
Reach out to each other, as sister and brother;
There is no shame.
No quest is higher, no future brighter, humble we must stay.
Cast no stone as judgment day, for in the face of the strange,
The unexplained – you will find mercy.
Human, if you just opened your heart, all the worlds apart would appear.
They are so near – guiding us, teaching us, making us aware.
As sure as we breathe air, are sure as we seek,
We receive.
So it shall be.

The Alchemist Of Stone

Raised from deep earth, is the stone of truth.

Behold all it’s virtue, forget not it’s worth.

As time began, man went on his quest, of the golden chalice, to drink from its myth.

Blind fell the man who turned over the stone, for his eyes were not worthy;

And his heart turned to bone.

Sought was the map for a thousand years, that would lead them to secrets and abolish all fears.

Journey through silence, from the cosmos came light;

For the wise men could find it on one fateful night.

In the sight of perfection, lay down all perception, for the stone was deception;

In the form of redemption.

In the soul of the alchemist, lay the wisdom of gold;

From water comes fire; engraved on the scroll;

Was the formula of fate in the pure and the bold.

 No man could seek this, from the stone came the soul;

The sun caused the alchemist and stone to be whole.