The Alchemist Of Stone

Raised from deep earth, is the stone of truth.

Behold all it’s virtue, forget not it’s worth.

As time began, man went on his quest, of the golden chalice, to drink from its myth.

Blind fell the man who turned over the stone, for his eyes were not worthy;

And his heart turned to bone.

Sought was the map for a thousand years, that would lead them to secrets and abolish all fears.

Journey through silence, from the cosmos came light;

For the wise men could find it on one fateful night.

In the sight of perfection, lay down all perception, for the stone was deception;

In the form of redemption.

In the soul of the alchemist, lay the wisdom of gold;

From water comes fire; engraved on the scroll;

Was the formula of fate in the pure and the bold.

 No man could seek this, from the stone came the soul;

The sun caused the alchemist and stone to be whole.


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