The Humans Story

lesorion1Human; we are evolution.
Why are you here?
To heal.
This journey chosen by many, to raise the vibrations in heaven.
No soul that walks this earth is alone.
We will all go home, when the time is right.
In your darkest night, when will is forgotten, when hope is lost,
What ever the cost, you ask for love.
From beyond is the truth, hidden in you, so simple to reach.
Trade the wants for the needs, let go of fear, hate and greed.
All are created in perfection, but in earth’s direction – illusion breeds.
Mistakes bring change; Pain and suffering is a gift to soar.
How can it be, when you break and bleed you are free?
Human, can you not see?
In your weakest hours, in the tears that devour, in the world gone wrong,
We find our song.
Each life has a story, no two are the same.
Reach out to each other, as sister and brother;
There is no shame.
No quest is higher, no future brighter, humble we must stay.
Cast no stone as judgment day, for in the face of the strange,
The unexplained – you will find mercy.
Human, if you just opened your heart, all the worlds apart would appear.
They are so near – guiding us, teaching us, making us aware.
As sure as we breathe air, are sure as we seek,
We receive.
So it shall be.


2 thoughts on “The Humans Story

  1. I came to find my connections to the world
    and with a few words
    I saw
    the wonder upon your face
    the smile from your soul
    exiting from your eyes
    your strength
    through your tears
    love….heart opened wide…
    gratitude….with thanks
    we reach out
    from our heart
    to the heart of life
    and day by day
    we change
    we connect
    and change the world
    thank you for sharing
    for reaching your hand out

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