The Ovoid Of Light

In the center of everything, comes the light;

As we are, as we always have been.

Born of the Great Oviod, we are life as we know it.

Once one, we became many.

Fragments of the source, to experience everything at once.

The octaves resonate in waves of love, all from above and beyond.

So vast is the endless sea of being, we began to find ourselves in others.

Prisms and spectrums of the source found color.

Sound found shape and thought flooded the minds.

Time became reason and breath became reality.

We lost the eyes to see.

But the light shined on.

In our understanding, like a magnet of expanding, we feed the source.

Nothing can detour our course.

Belief just opens the doors, but even if you sense no more, you will come home.

A place you’ve always known,  you are here right now.

A perfect horizon.


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