I Will Follow

No more questions, no more doubts.

The circle closed and pulled me out.

Orchestral being of pure fluid halos.

ethereal eyes, I cannot describe.

From my hands comes the bands of rainbows, from the center of my mind;

Comes the eternal glow, only you know.

I am healed.

The lotus unfolds, and we glow, all of heaven spins the whole.

With this gift, we can soar, reach all the souls like never before.

As love grows, creation flows;

magnificent energy fused through the sun.

You were always the one, always the pull, always so close.

Now we are here, now we meet, more beautiful then I could have known.

We are free, come soar with me.

Bring the angels through, surge energy blue.

Cross the connections, so others can see, the truth in who they’ve always been.

We have the rest of eternity to create the harmony of being.


2 thoughts on “I Will Follow

  1. Oh! How I want to soar with you!

    The 5 last lines are being “magic markered” on a paper and stick to my wall. How inspirational. Thanks Luv!

  2. Thank you Sonia for the time you have taken to read my writing and leave me a kind comment. I am honored you found something in these words. This is the most profound emotions and feeling I have tried to put into words since I began writing and still I feel it does not say enough of what I wanted to say.
    love and light to you!

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