The Winding Sea Of Time

In the lull of convictions and sacred intonation, there is a movement of time.

Blessed are those who believe.

The bridge of now and forever is luminous, reaching like the fingers of a tributary.

Sail the waters of mercy, drink from the shores of empathy.

Cast no shadows, for the worlds of the lower regions scream.

Traveler of faith, traveler of light, in your quest on this sacred night,

Before you rises the winding seas.

Cross at will, under guide, through the trees.

The waves will take your moments higher.

I reach to thee, on the banks of eternity.

You cannot see me, you cannot touch me, for I am the one with the fire of beauty

The mission completes, and your life is now healed.

In the sea of time, all is revealed.

What was, always will be.

In the center of our hearts.


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