What is this sadness I am feeling?  What has got me reeling and heaving in my space?

My life is filled with joy, yet something has a hold.

Between two places I float, I’m lost in the pull.

I am strong, I can help you along, gain your ground – tune into the sound.

What has drifted, is always found.

When the rain pours through, I still believe in you.

When life takes a hold, when it starts to feel cold, I won’t let go.

Quietly I pray, for you to find your way.

Like water to fire, like earth to sky, let yourself feel, learn to cry.

When the world falls at your feet, when you cannot bear to breathe,

When push comes to shove, I’ll hold you close.

You are never alone.

We all rise and fall, its complex, but makes us who we are.

Please do not hide away, let me cover you in peace;

Rest your mind and be.

Come and take my hand, I understand.

Believe why I am here, like the spinning of the spheres;

Like the never-ending flame, we are the same source.

Follow the course, swim into the flow, when you fall, I will catch you.

This is love.


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