The Masters

Never forsaken, no words need to be spoken;
The true Masters work for humanity in peace.
Silently they guide us, from the thrones of Heaven,
Among us they breathe, the elders of the universal divinity.
Lay your egos to sleep for the truth will not be reached for self.
Sentient beings, no mind can be in this space, it is between pulsations of being.
Messages are clear when ideas created by fear are released.
There is no will of man that has moved love forward.
Love is not filled with motivation, it’s purity of heart.
The third layer of existence does not hear, but understands energies.
Language is simplistic in nature and does not convey the illumination they bring.
Heaven is leveled in dimensional consciousness.
Many forms of existence are within, many lives to live.
What is the future?
We unfold it and find ourselves again in eternity.
Travel the 7 stages of freedom, trial by air, water, fire;
At the end of this journey, within peace and light,
The Masters, in the halls of everything, in the color of rose,
Open your book of life and share with you who you really are.
A child of everything…

Limbs Gone Numb (laughing)

Ever fall asleep on your arm or your hand?
Then at 12am, it’s gone numb.
You can’t feel your palm, you can’t feel your thumb.
So you shake it and move it hoping feeling may come.
Then suddenly, urgency calls, you must use the toilet;
Lack of feeling could spoil it, but what can one do?
Improvise! Dexterity comes alive, you can do it!
So maybe you’re a lefty, maybe it’s your right,
But with one hand just working in the middle of the night;
You give your best wipe.
It’s like driving with a blind man, jumping rope with a cane;
The hand is now tingling and throbbing away.
Now the challenge arises to pull up your pants;
You shimmy and tug in some sort of dance.
You wake up the cat with a bellowing laugh.
This is what happens, when wrapped up in sleep,
Your hands under the pillow, just to get comfy.
Maybe you slept with it, under your face;
Hung off the bed, so all the blood drained.
No way of knowing till you woke from this dream,
Your hand has been eaten by a vending machine.
Now clearly you brain was trying to tell you,
But drooling and snoring this was no value.
Next time you wake up in the darkest of night,
From a dream of one leg getting caught in your bike;
Don’t jump from your bed, risk hitting your head
Cause the feeling is gone, and the foot feels dead.
Though nature is calling, you’ll have to get crawling
Or wait till the morning, when your limbs are all working!

Don’t even get me started on finding a hangnail on your big toe at 4am while sleeping with a wool blanket. AHHHHHHH makes your butt pucker!

Right And Wrong (let go of ideas)

Wrong and right; this has been on my mind for some time now, and I have meditated on this and asked for guidance. Something moved me deeply to explore this. So many times I hear this over and over, wrong and right. I believe this is a human condition, not from our true existence. Let me explain…
We are here to learn and experience and grow. We came here to heal. How else can a soul heal but to move through direct experience of all types of emotions and situations. Now, you do not have be some enlightened being to know this, it’s simple. There is not really thought to understand this, it just is.

We are all connected at the core base, many fragments of one light source, one place. We are humans here, we are separated by our journeys and experiences, not existence.
Many of us have the same lessons to learn, but the way we learn is different. Perhaps we are both here to learn stillness and how to deal with loss, but you learn from loss of a loved one dying and I learn from losing a love. Now, the mind will begin to form ideas, “that is not the same type of loss, how can you compare such things.” But this is where right and wrong become blinding and cause chaos.
We want to have some sort of ‘ground rule’ for such things. Right being just, fair, honest. Wrong, negative, dishonest, hurtful. But when we compare our ideas through another’s life experience it’s quite simply forming an idea. No two souls can learn the same way, what might be, wrong for one is right for the other.
This really is something we hear over and over, but yet many still hold on to wrong and right.
To kill is wrong, here, in our hearts and eyes. What happens when this person who killed goes home to the light? Do you believe the light judges them? They look at their lives, and see everything in every direction. The big picture. The person came here to learn something from this, but we cannot learn if we are judging before we know the lesson. The ONLY way to know the true lesson is from direct contact with Spirit. To be one in that moment with what IS. Then we bring the lessons from life home and KNOW what it is as a whole it all meant.
Now we do learn here, we learn lessons as we go. We get moment from Spirit that shows us how to move through something.
We see the ending and healing of many things we must learn as well. When we forgive, when we love, when we create and become still. But we are fragmented still to have the capacity to judge wrong and right. I know this might un-nerve some who feel there are a set of ‘rules’ or commandments we live by. Of course we are not meant to harm, kill ect. This goes against what we are, where we came from. BUT, this is life. This is only one dimension of everything. There are many here who are on a lower level. They need to go through such things as anger and hate, they are moving like those of us who are more tuned higher from direct experience of light/love. They are also vibrating at a different life rate then others, and this is sort of like a superimposed state of being. They CAN be reached with utter compassion and love/prayers, but need to go through what they must to evolve.
How you might be asking, can we say that the man who murdered many is not wrong? For us, it is. For the man, it is something he chose to learn from, to bring home to see the whole of this. Many lost their lives and in the state of grace did it with compassion to help this soul killing to learn a lesson. Everything is done with compassion, but we must be able to be still to experience this.
EVERYONE feels the ripples of one souls experience for the greater goodness. If one soul sends hate, we all feel it in some way through the energies of being interconnected, BUT, we are not learning from this like that, we are just feeling the effects.
WE feel the negative to know what is love. Negative only knows it’s negative because it’s filled with love.
If YOU are in a place of peace and love, these ripples calm when they get to you. The source is all compassion, humanity is mixed.
Instead of forming ideas of right and wrong, exist in the movement of compassion and empathy, unconditional love and truth and there will be no reason to NEED to form such ideas, spend more life learning from moments and NOW and know that the reason we are here is to fall and grow. There is only perfection inside of us, not around us until we let go of the ideas and see WHAT IS.

Moving Forward (reposting this because it’s part of me)

Yesterday I had a few chances to make things right in my life. I know when this comes it’s a deep blessing. I understand things now I had not some time ago; with this, I followed my heart.
It has been some time since my ex had been spending time with his children, yesterday was Thanksgiving – a time for family and thanks. He wanted to see the kids for the holiday. I was so filled with joy he wanted to. They miss him. When he left it was hard for me. We had been back and forth so long but always tried to make things work. We have kids and tried to put that first always. Family as more important to us then anything. What I could not grasp was, if I was not the one for him, why did he pretend so many years? 15 years he went along, but deep inside he was not happy. He felt guilt and did not want to be the bad guy for leaving. All this time though, I knew deep inside he was not happy, but talked myself out of it.
Then, he met his new love, this woman was everything he ever wanted. She fits perfectly with him, they need each other. I was heart broken at the time, it was not me. I gave so many years, children, love. I was angry at her and him. I let myself live in hurt and anger for a time.
Slowly, with seeing my truth, I was able to see how and why things happen the way they do. I began to understand life is change, and those who are right for us at one time, are there by choice from both people and heal each others karma in beautiful selfless agreement. This does not mean forever. We are only here in this life for a short time. We NEED to experience both sides of this.
Yesterday, I seen his new love in new eyes. She is a good soul with a beautiful light and heart that loves him deeply. I seen how much they love one another. It opened my heart. It felt so healing to let the kids spend time with him and his new love, so the kids can see him happy and shine. Let the kids learn forgiveness and to not judge. I want to see those I care about happy in this life. Never can I wish otherwise. In the end of this life, we all meet again and will see how even the hardest lessons here are in pure compassion and love. If we just learn to move through the moments that hurt, we can heal and create a direct connection to home and the light that is EVERYTHING. Two people I care for deeply found each other in this life, and will create much love to send back to all and the ripples will be felt by the universe. It’s the most pure prayer we can live. I’m beyond humbled and grateful for this chance to heal this. I feel this is a true blessing because I can SEE the way to go with things now. I will NEVER be the same.
The second thing was his Aunti who is dying. She has cancer and it’s just a matter of time. I’ve not seen her for years, but always pray for her with all my heart. She is one of the kindest souls I have met. She came through a beautiful circle of life. She asked for me yesterday. I knew why and went. Sitting there with everyone had me in awe, I felt the vibrations raise because we all were in the space of love. I had another blessing to know that my calling to help those very ill in their last hours is were I am to be. It will make me study with all my soul to make sure they get the best care I can give. I am hoping to visit her within the next few days and let her know how loved she is and maybe help ease her fears that everyone she leaves behind will be hurting. She needs to know when home is filling her and calling, to let go. She had this glow of rose around her, and there were many orbs around her encased in gold. She felt like she was already between here and home. I feel she knows already.
I seen the joy in her face to see the kids too, they mean much to her.
So with this blog, I am opening me heart and sharing a little blessing in my journey.
All my love and light!

Immaculate Archangel

The water encased me, only ripples of breath around my body.
I began to sing, the songs came faster then I could hear.
Flowing like a beam of light, from your heart.
White sound of soft halos around you, You held me deeply.
On my knees before you, Michael I finally see.
In my dreams you came to me.
Within my creativity, you reach.
So long you’ve whispered through my tears, believed in me for all these years.
I drowned you out with naivety, chaos and envy.
In the darkest of hours, you sang to me, guided my journey,
Your grace covers me.
Oh beautiful Michael, forgive thee, for my humanity got the best of me.
So pure and sweet were the hands that surrounded me.
How you’ve tried to come through, I now feel you.
As I kneel in your glory, so humbled and serene;
Hallelujah, golden being.
I will sing again, with you.

In The Stillness

In the stillness of my soul, in the sunset that traced her glow across my life;
Across the Universe, higher then my dreams, beyond Heaven as I breathe, I fall to my knees.
I believe.
I feel you in everything.
When you smile, the warmth fills me.
The ocean is no divide can you not see?
There is no space in between you and me.
I hear you speaking in the breeze,
I feel your energy across my lips and I hush and slip into bliss.
You are a miracle in my life, worth all the journey.
I ask nothing of you, I need nothing from you.
Everything I am shines when you come through.
I am the shadows, I am rain, I am the one who will never leave.
When life calls and pulls you away, I pray for you always.
When everyone is taking, when you have nothing left to give,
I’m pouring all I have to lift you up and through it.
You never have to turn around, you never have to hold my hand.
My love for you does not demand.
It’s who I am.
The light streams this poem, into me, for you.
I trust this with everything.
My entire being.
You have my heart…

The Day

In the tunnels, along the highway, just blending with the lines;
Take a drive, come alive, get lost and thrive for the day.
Go to the sea, swim to feel free, breath the salt air deeply.
Play in the garden, feel earth in your hands, the sun in your eyes,
The sky is alive!
Walk through the trails, nature unveils through you.
Listen to the trees, lose your thoughts through the leaves,
The sparrows pull you out of your space; move with the landscape;
Have no place to be, but the moment.
What is reality?
What ever it wants to be, what ever the moment sees, it changes within you and me.
Go laugh with a child, let your heart run wild, create a melody.
Paint a scenery, write some poetry, right now is endless can’t you see?
There is nothing to master, what ever you’re after, is found in simplicity.
No money can feel happy, no worry can believe, no wants can find peace.
There is sanctuary.
In the day, in the hour, in the second, the mind is free.

To The Sky

Right here, on the edge of everything.
Between reality and myth, pouring light from the cliff,
In the name of all grace and creation;
The truest of lives in this dimension, in her ascension shined love.
In the deepest hours of your tears, soft are the hands that lifted you for years.
Hidden in the shadows, of the dogwood trees, she smiles in your dreams.
Hush dear soul for the destiny unfolds, no need to seek.
Ages ago, in the rivers flow, you drank from the truth.
In mercy the water washed your memory.
Looking through the everglades and arches of blue, the vision pulled you through.
Do you not remember calling?
On your knees brethren you plead for peace.
The faces became traces of violence and fear.
They knew you’d reach them here.
So they gave you humanity.
In your selfless request on behalf of the rest, we gave you wings.
Raise your voice to the sky and sing!
The vibrations gave the lost a healing.
Like a symphony the sun poured through the strings.
The hope began to sift through the negative energy.
The miracle of being.
Go forth and live among the broken cities, feed the hungry with empathy and compassion.
Your life is filled with everlasting gold, no man shall hold you from your fate.
As you pray, joy pours down from home;
All the lives you touch becomes one.
Soaring like a chorus from beyond, Spirit is always close.
Close your eyes and still your mind, we need you blind, so you can see;
The blessing in the synchronicity.
It’s time for the unity.
Paint the earth with beauty.
We are watching…

Empathic Love?

I’ve decided to be more open about who I am here in this blog, because I feel no fear anymore about my truth. Those who get it will get it without judgment, those who do not, are not meant to. That simple. So that being said, this is something I have been wondering how to explain to others. I feel now is the time to try because there ha been a lot of misunderstanding in my life as of late. I come on strong to many people or become overwhelmed in emotion sometimes (not always wanting to) when I am not really feeling it, just experiencing it. Let me explain.
I am empathic. I was born this way. It has been a blessing at times and takes a toll on my energy and heart as well. I had spent some time trying to NOT feel and it got to the point where I could not tell the difference between others and myself with strong emotions.
I also see now that I tend to become more attached and feel more for others then they do myself. I feel blessed that I can care deeply for others. I have to remind myself a lot that this is a blessing and perhaps others are not ‘feeling’ what I am. So I had to learn to step back. This is not easy for me because I see/feel/experience others as I have said before in such beauty, I forget this is human life and we cannot just ‘be’ around others we feel from all the time as we each have lives. I tend to frustrate people as well I see and that break my heart. I expect nothing from others nor do I ask for anything. I just experience people different. I have a hard time when others are caring then suddenly cold, because their actions are different then how they appear to me. This has been the hardest experience I have ever been through. My soul and heart are pulling me to them but my mind is saying back off and run you’ve overstayed your welcome.
Sometimes these empathic feelings are not easy to experience.
An example is when someone has depression. It’s like a slow motion truck coming right to me; I see it coming and yet still, I let it strike me. I tell myself, “I’ll only feel a little to have compassion and help somehow.” it never happens like that. I should know this by now. It always hits me full force. In that moment I move with it and the blessing is what ever I say to this person and try to help or send light and love to them is so honest because I am tuned with them. The hard part is letting the emotions go. It overtakes me sometimes and I dunno how to let it go. Many years I was able to go right into other things and it would go away. I’d write about the experience into poetry and it would go. I’ve written many poems from another perspective. Not to mention from other understandings, but that’s another story…
Why am I telling others this? I believe many of us have empathic connections and can understand what I am writing about.
This has become very overwhelming to me as of late because I have experienced what it’s like to feel another level of love. Sadly in this life we are not always loved back the same. When you feel that love in your own heart, but then experience the love not from the other heart, it takes all you are not to break. To separate emotional states at once is like seeing behind and ahead at once.
Let me explain, no matter how aware we become here, we are human. Yes, we need to step outside our minds and listen with soul. I know this. The mind is illusions and can distort what IS.
I try my very best not to form ideas right away, but this is not helping me much with feeling two opposing things at once. I have tried to tune it out, tried to not ‘let it in’ but somehow with the light that I feel this is the other half of it. The empathy. The light has all empathy and compassion and when you experience it within, you become full of empathy. I feel others journey, I experience their love and light. All are so beautiful, even those tuned down, they just need more life experience to heal.
Right now, I am really in love. This is from me. Does not matter why, who or how, I am. The other person does not feel the same. I seen this coming like a truck at me, and still I fell. It was the first time in this life that I experienced someone like me. Who could feel. It was utter joy in fact, like heaven and earth collided and filled me. I won’t fill this space with how I experience love for this person, there are really no words. Feeling both my love and not that type of love from the other person has been the hardest lesson yet. I have been asking my guides for understanding of this and truth. I thought I got it, I had thought I understood, but I keep letting my heart in. So, I am asking those who do read this to understand why the poetry has been ‘different’ as of late. I will not be writing anything for some time now because I feel it is not truth or honest to speak when I am unsure myself.
I know being this open might lead to my being torn apart as well, but I do not know any other way.
ME, I am filled with love, joy, life, light, compassion, music, poetry, nature, and stillness. As of right now though, I am confused and for some reason just not getting the lesson I need from this. I know I need the lesson, because it happened. I just need more time to get it.
Love and light to all from my heart, thank you for the time and I hope understanding reading my blog.

The Journey

Still your heart and mind for a moment,
Though the time right now might be pain;
Hear when I say.
Life is a transition;
Trust your soul, before you came here, you believed it would hold.
Though your head is in the clouds, your feet are on the ground;
Dream if you need, to inspire the seeds to grow.
This flow of change is letting go.
This IS why you came you know.
It’s hard to take, why would we want to break?
Why would we test ourselves so?
To bring it home.
The light that we shine, needs us for another time.
Many to come, to raise the hum, to shift the vibration
They will feel these sensations and see.
Welcome to the journey.
Though it might not seem clear, you have to believe deeply;
Compassion and selflessness is always the lesson.
We have duties and families, that keep us from falling,
Though there’s always a calling, that must be fulfilled.
We have guidance and alliance that whisper our truths,
Listen when they come through, with your soul not your will.
Desires can pull, make the mind confused, this is when you stop.
There are needs and there are wants.
What is meant to be will surface, come to focus and teach us.
Unconditional love, is easier said then done, we want to control emotions, give our love devotions, but this is not of service, it brings sadness.
Love without bounds, like the lotus spins around.
It will set you free, into all that you WILL be.
Life, is not about you, it’s for you to heal.
A chance to be free


Late afternoon, summer – sky felt deep.
Lost in the sound of children laughing and the trees.
No place to be, the day flows easy, my mind stretches for miles.
Off in the distance, there is a faint melody.
Maybe it was the stream, the birds, in me?
Almost a memory, almost a feeling.
As I lay in the grass, grounding to the earth beneath;
I thought I heard a smile, a hum, a breath.
Maybe it was the clouds breaking above, the hills rolling, gravity?
Time has faded the visionary.
At her feet, the guitar sits silently, the strings used to weep, soar and sing.
Now it’s just a thing.
The words stopped rhyming.
The minstrel, he took flight,
On one wayward night,
Erased everything.
Yet in the park, the warmth covers her heart;
Now she remembers nothing.

Kiss Me Within The Sun

Hush concubine, from thy sentient breath comes fire.
Thrust into fevers sting beneath your brow.
Unto the earth we cast ember and air as we swirl around.
Speak not of flesh, come forth and taste.
Mouth of crimson, her eyes paint your skin.
She knows you are listening.

Temptress of the velvet game, as you slip you say her name.
Have you come to play?
Silver droplets from her fingertips, moisten your thoughts;
Our lunar eclipse.
Kneel on her floor, raven and gold, she pours her warmth into you.
What is your reality, denying her sensuality?
Venus illuminates us as we reach for the flame.
She stretches across your body, lay beneath soft movement.
From within, the vibrations are deep, rising slowly.
Blue prisms of energy encase these immortal beings.
Time stands still, creation binds the union.
Bright fluid rays of white radiate beyond the space they share now as one.
The journey has begun, entwined in the sun;
From her lips, within love, they shine on.

I Am Free

In my blindness, I started on a journey.
Walked through the glass and into the mirror.
Turning around I seen myself, backwards.
How did I get in here? How do I get out?
I sat for weeks thinking of a solution,
What would cause such an intrusion?
I searched for the lesson, searched for the lover,
Searched for the tranquil ripples in the ocean.
I asked life for mercy, The Universe to heal me.
I held on to dreams and illusions of emotion.
Knelt down to Gaia, sifted through the sand.
I wanted answers.
I thought I sent light, flew through the cosmos at night.
Thought I found my twin flame, the mind can play games;
If the soul is not clear, we bring chaos near.
In the hours of screaming in confusion and frustration,
The dilation began.
I stopped the thinking.
I held out my hands.
I let truth come in.
I move with everything, I ask nothing.
I changed my reality, with a shift to simplicity.
No expectations, no out of body meditations.
No erotic misconceptions, no mortal redemption.
I am free.

Remember Me?

I whisper to you, from a place in my soul.
Can you hear me?
Weeping willows and gardens of gold, fill my dreams.
Would you remember me if we met, somehow connect?
Until then, I keep singing to you.
Through this time I am here, I still believe you are waiting.
Silently, in the waters of Eden.
When sadness fills me eyes, and tears are blinding, are you holding my hand?
You are worth waiting for, eons and dimensions cannot hold this love.
Streaming from a vision, through the heavens I call.
When I fall, do you grab hold?
I will journey strong and learn to move along till we meet again.
What God brought together, cannot be parted by man.
Like bands of everlasting sand, we blend.
I kneel at the threshold of all that I am.
Knowing somehow, in creation, we’ll be together again.

Look Through You

Sitting across the table, you’re searching my expression.
Can you really see me, without any intention?
Listen, I’m no prophet, I am not leading the blind.
I have no basket of wisdom, to preach on living life.
No miracle has saved me, from impending doom.
No savior left his mark on me, to heal the world of gloom.
I’m just feeling the moments, going with the currant.
Like the river, I have many outlets.

Sitting here across from me, you try to pick my mind.
What started out as clear and simple, became complex and sublime.
I can only smile.
Take a step to the side of refraction, bend the light without serious action.
Where you’re going, and where you’ve been, does not mean a thing.
So why should we think about it?
Sitting across you ask me for answers.
I’m not your solution, I’m not your redemption,
I’m not your leverage, I’m not your master.
What you are after, I cannot be.
Don’t look into me, look through you.

Goodbye Michael

Many long years you bled to the bone, keeping your face to the sky;
Never asking why – it just is.
Many long days you held to your word, driven to a stale life.
Curse your God, numb and frail, is this how they said you’d fail?
Take to the street, wandering aimlessly;
You wanted to be free, but Michael can’t you see?
The road does not give mercy.
It’s an escape from what could be, never what is.

Everything rushes through at once, memories flood to the surface.
Who held you down? Who broke your last bone?
What did you expect to find, when you stepped out of your mind?
Did the reflection haunt you? Did the face in the mirror belong to you?
What do you have to show, you wanted to know?
How can you measure fear? How do you explain why you are still here?
What is left?
Michael I wish I could reach you, I wanted to teach you so much.
But the world is not a crutch, you cannot blame;
It leaves a bad taste to erase.
All you began to hate, made those beautiful eyes glazed.
Gripping at decades of anger and shame, sadness and pain.
So the time came.

You needed the control, to save your own soul.
You wanted to be whole, but oh Michael, why?
I could hear you cry, I could feel you die.
I always seen your light, now I see you fly…


Ice forms across the window, crawling up from the inside.
My hands tingle as I know what comes.
The air is still and heavy, the scent of old books fills my room.
It’s been a while since you’ve come, my arms are open.
This time you are quiet, and I go about my day.
So content and your eyes are smiling, I know you are happy.
I talk to you softly, but I sense you already know;
How life has it’s ways of going, the children growing;
Felix reminds me of you.
Just your presence keeps me going, that the bridge that binds us keeps holding strong.
I know you are close and will bring me home one day.
I still hear you laughing in the eyes of Marlene.
I still feel your strength in the heart of Lena.
Old photos cannot capture this the same.
I’m glad you came.
Give Grandma a hug from me.

Simply Solace

In the early morning, the solace traces shadows like silhouettes across my wall.

Faintly, memories unfold and outline what was night.

At the glimpse of first light, it outlines my life.

Shapes contour but never define, my mind drifts.

Does yesterday have to echo like this?

In the trees, beautiful evergreens, in the cries of the wind surrounding me,

My heart finds simple solace.

Would be easy to predict how lives could twist and turn, how we entwine and learn.

But that’s just it; you lose the moment you might get.

Now the light that covers my walls, brings stories to unfold, like a novel or a scroll;

But the words never told what that moment will always hold.

The simple solace.

In the distance of the clouds, there is a thought that came raining down.

Hold open your hands, let it soak your imagination;

Are we not all musicians and  painters in nature?

You have to venture out of your skin, the safe place you’re in, to feel.

Use emotions wise, you’re touching others lives, always remember this.

In the gold horizon, what we learn might surprise us, but take it in.

In this moment, this very moment, you are simply solace.

The Nomads Of The Spheres

Like a thought, or passing train, I am a nomad in the rain.
No ties to bind me, no wants to haunt me, no fear to stop me in my dreams.
I am the night sky of tranquility, if you listen close, you’ll hear my melody.
In the galaxy with the others, we warm the souls of believers.
We hear the children’s deepest wishes, we are the elders, we whisper for the creator.
What painted our odyssey? Compassion for humanity.
We watch you weep, we feel you sleep, we guide you close, till you come home – until you see.
I am a nomad, my presence brings change.
You’ve called me from the cosmos, to guide you through the pain.
We keep the balance of magnetic resonance, the spheres of harmonic octaves in space. We spin, we create. The light vibrates.
We are colors, we are shapes, we are natures symphony.
In your wonder, in your heart, you’ve always known this world so far.
See who you really are.
Slowly the nomads awaken your senses, the key to stillness, the everlasting.
But time is your sanction, in your mortal state, we come in grace, as you dilate.
We are the muses, we inspire the humans.
We are waters, of the universal tone,
Tune into our flow, bask in the glow.
When you stand on your own, it’s time we must go.
One day, you’ll return to the place you’ve always known.

Walking Through The Gates Of Truth

In the beginning there was peace, space and light flowed free.
No attachments needed.
But how can this be; we wanted to see.
On came the journey of complexity.
From idea, came thought, the mind was brought into focus.
It took hold of us and we began looking through eyes.
Left behind was the light and shine of just being.
From within we created fear, it jaded what was clear.
Searching for some purpose, that was always in us.
We wanted to control, the fate to find the whole.
In this mental shift, we wandered from the bliss;
Love became a need, and life became a greed.
What do we need to achieve? Can we really believe?
Nothing is what it seems.

Go back to the source, it guides you through your course.
Do not think to feel, simple truth is real.
Answers come from stillness, your soul will be your witness.
Stop the search, live in the moment, do not try to own it;
Just observe.

Let your life awaken, for time is no element.
Do not measure love from results, from such forms chaos.
We do not have to strive, to really feel alive, just breath.

In this space of creation, we are part of the equation,
We are not the formula, nor are we the answers.
We are the process of everything we believe.

In the cry for the flame, the twin that was the same,
We can forget the source, we came from.
There is more then one.
Unity is grace, we never lose that place, it just goes numb.
We are the love, the flame is in us, waiting to be free.
There is no forever, Eternity is changing, you can’t hold on to it.
Moving through the shift, as the veil will lift, you will open doors.
To who you really are.
Open your soul to learn, let your spirit turn in beauty.
May you shine always through your journey.
Love, unconditionally.

What Can We Do? (Calling The Healers)

On the streets, in our eyes, in the back of our minds
Walk the broken, the abused, the tired and confused.
At one time, all these lives, had a mission to survive.
All the blind, all the frail seeking mercy under veil.
In our awareness, in our peace, healers reach, to help them see.

Don’t turn away from the sorrow felt by man, this is why the love is in our hands.
Brought to earth to create the waves, the ripples of energy; these vibrations will save them.
Recreate our DNA, this dimension is the gateway.
Divide reality into symmetry, then create your symphony of humanity.
Parallel lines reach from the Divine, this is the time to be free.

Take off your mask, for what you ask is how you must be.
There is no turning back, once you can see.
The children need our empathy, teach them unity and understanding.
On the streets, in our eyes, make the difference, one soul at a time.

The Future Of Love

Emotions come through, in the moment of truth.
The soul is never confused, but reason diffuses the source.
Stay on course, listen to the voice.
Never burry love, it’s a gift from beyond.
It shines, it blinds the mind and brings out who we are.
There is no wrong, because before we came here;
It was all so clear, entwined and immortal in light.
Nothing stays the same, as the journey can change, embrace the flight.
Resonate from the bond, let it happen on it’s own.
Trust the universe, to bring you through.
No more tears, no more fears,
The circle of perfection has been healing for years.
No complex space, no sinful disgrace,
In the eyes of passion there is a place for us.
Absorb the joy, intoxicated by fate
Drink the rain, let go of the pain, we are the beginning
Of the future…

Under The Sky

Life calls and miles of oceans fall between us

Time passes in one reality, but leaves us still in another

Words are not the things we see

We have our calling and places to be

People that need us deeply

Between moments and breath

Our friendship exists, knowing this I find peace

Like minds – shining souls

Sharing inspirations, creativity flows

Though we may not speak

The spirits smile and reach

Another level of heart

Never separate, always bright

So much you taught me, your truth brought me through

Journey on, under the blue

When I look into the sky

I’m thinking of you


Shapes And Shadows

Be silent, be still, I can sense you walking through.

Take your shape as shadows on the walls, I hear the whispers when you call.

Nothing is hidden, your outline in blue, I see movement.

What are you watching in the corner of the room? My eyes are tuned into you.

Shifting and chanting under luna’s hands, night does not hide you.

Through astral planes and etheric states, I stay hushed in truth.

Attuned from within, the current rising across my skin.

I keep the secret, you hold the promis, till we meet again.


Thank you for the beauty of my life, such a gift to be here and heal.

Thank you for the compassion and lessons I recieve, for I  will always listen.

Thank you for my children, for their light brings me peace.

Thank you for creation, the sensations of unity.

On this day, I beg for nothing, I am grateful for all that is.

Sometimes we ask and forget to give.

Today I stopped just surviving, and remembered why I live.