The Future Of Love

Emotions come through, in the moment of truth.
The soul is never confused, but reason diffuses the source.
Stay on course, listen to the voice.
Never burry love, it’s a gift from beyond.
It shines, it blinds the mind and brings out who we are.
There is no wrong, because before we came here;
It was all so clear, entwined and immortal in light.
Nothing stays the same, as the journey can change, embrace the flight.
Resonate from the bond, let it happen on it’s own.
Trust the universe, to bring you through.
No more tears, no more fears,
The circle of perfection has been healing for years.
No complex space, no sinful disgrace,
In the eyes of passion there is a place for us.
Absorb the joy, intoxicated by fate
Drink the rain, let go of the pain, we are the beginning
Of the future…


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