What Can We Do? (Calling The Healers)

On the streets, in our eyes, in the back of our minds
Walk the broken, the abused, the tired and confused.
At one time, all these lives, had a mission to survive.
All the blind, all the frail seeking mercy under veil.
In our awareness, in our peace, healers reach, to help them see.

Don’t turn away from the sorrow felt by man, this is why the love is in our hands.
Brought to earth to create the waves, the ripples of energy; these vibrations will save them.
Recreate our DNA, this dimension is the gateway.
Divide reality into symmetry, then create your symphony of humanity.
Parallel lines reach from the Divine, this is the time to be free.

Take off your mask, for what you ask is how you must be.
There is no turning back, once you can see.
The children need our empathy, teach them unity and understanding.
On the streets, in our eyes, make the difference, one soul at a time.


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