Walking Through The Gates Of Truth

In the beginning there was peace, space and light flowed free.
No attachments needed.
But how can this be; we wanted to see.
On came the journey of complexity.
From idea, came thought, the mind was brought into focus.
It took hold of us and we began looking through eyes.
Left behind was the light and shine of just being.
From within we created fear, it jaded what was clear.
Searching for some purpose, that was always in us.
We wanted to control, the fate to find the whole.
In this mental shift, we wandered from the bliss;
Love became a need, and life became a greed.
What do we need to achieve? Can we really believe?
Nothing is what it seems.

Go back to the source, it guides you through your course.
Do not think to feel, simple truth is real.
Answers come from stillness, your soul will be your witness.
Stop the search, live in the moment, do not try to own it;
Just observe.

Let your life awaken, for time is no element.
Do not measure love from results, from such forms chaos.
We do not have to strive, to really feel alive, just breath.

In this space of creation, we are part of the equation,
We are not the formula, nor are we the answers.
We are the process of everything we believe.

In the cry for the flame, the twin that was the same,
We can forget the source, we came from.
There is more then one.
Unity is grace, we never lose that place, it just goes numb.
We are the love, the flame is in us, waiting to be free.
There is no forever, Eternity is changing, you can’t hold on to it.
Moving through the shift, as the veil will lift, you will open doors.
To who you really are.
Open your soul to learn, let your spirit turn in beauty.
May you shine always through your journey.
Love, unconditionally.

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