The Nomads Of The Spheres

Like a thought, or passing train, I am a nomad in the rain.
No ties to bind me, no wants to haunt me, no fear to stop me in my dreams.
I am the night sky of tranquility, if you listen close, you’ll hear my melody.
In the galaxy with the others, we warm the souls of believers.
We hear the children’s deepest wishes, we are the elders, we whisper for the creator.
What painted our odyssey? Compassion for humanity.
We watch you weep, we feel you sleep, we guide you close, till you come home – until you see.
I am a nomad, my presence brings change.
You’ve called me from the cosmos, to guide you through the pain.
We keep the balance of magnetic resonance, the spheres of harmonic octaves in space. We spin, we create. The light vibrates.
We are colors, we are shapes, we are natures symphony.
In your wonder, in your heart, you’ve always known this world so far.
See who you really are.
Slowly the nomads awaken your senses, the key to stillness, the everlasting.
But time is your sanction, in your mortal state, we come in grace, as you dilate.
We are the muses, we inspire the humans.
We are waters, of the universal tone,
Tune into our flow, bask in the glow.
When you stand on your own, it’s time we must go.
One day, you’ll return to the place you’ve always known.


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