Simply Solace

In the early morning, the solace traces shadows like silhouettes across my wall.

Faintly, memories unfold and outline what was night.

At the glimpse of first light, it outlines my life.

Shapes contour but never define, my mind drifts.

Does yesterday have to echo like this?

In the trees, beautiful evergreens, in the cries of the wind surrounding me,

My heart finds simple solace.

Would be easy to predict how lives could twist and turn, how we entwine and learn.

But that’s just it; you lose the moment you might get.

Now the light that covers my walls, brings stories to unfold, like a novel or a scroll;

But the words never told what that moment will always hold.

The simple solace.

In the distance of the clouds, there is a thought that came raining down.

Hold open your hands, let it soak your imagination;

Are we not all musicians and  painters in nature?

You have to venture out of your skin, the safe place you’re in, to feel.

Use emotions wise, you’re touching others lives, always remember this.

In the gold horizon, what we learn might surprise us, but take it in.

In this moment, this very moment, you are simply solace.


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