Goodbye Michael

Many long years you bled to the bone, keeping your face to the sky;
Never asking why – it just is.
Many long days you held to your word, driven to a stale life.
Curse your God, numb and frail, is this how they said you’d fail?
Take to the street, wandering aimlessly;
You wanted to be free, but Michael can’t you see?
The road does not give mercy.
It’s an escape from what could be, never what is.

Everything rushes through at once, memories flood to the surface.
Who held you down? Who broke your last bone?
What did you expect to find, when you stepped out of your mind?
Did the reflection haunt you? Did the face in the mirror belong to you?
What do you have to show, you wanted to know?
How can you measure fear? How do you explain why you are still here?
What is left?
Michael I wish I could reach you, I wanted to teach you so much.
But the world is not a crutch, you cannot blame;
It leaves a bad taste to erase.
All you began to hate, made those beautiful eyes glazed.
Gripping at decades of anger and shame, sadness and pain.
So the time came.

You needed the control, to save your own soul.
You wanted to be whole, but oh Michael, why?
I could hear you cry, I could feel you die.
I always seen your light, now I see you fly…


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