Look Through You

Sitting across the table, you’re searching my expression.
Can you really see me, without any intention?
Listen, I’m no prophet, I am not leading the blind.
I have no basket of wisdom, to preach on living life.
No miracle has saved me, from impending doom.
No savior left his mark on me, to heal the world of gloom.
I’m just feeling the moments, going with the currant.
Like the river, I have many outlets.

Sitting here across from me, you try to pick my mind.
What started out as clear and simple, became complex and sublime.
I can only smile.
Take a step to the side of refraction, bend the light without serious action.
Where you’re going, and where you’ve been, does not mean a thing.
So why should we think about it?
Sitting across you ask me for answers.
I’m not your solution, I’m not your redemption,
I’m not your leverage, I’m not your master.
What you are after, I cannot be.
Don’t look into me, look through you.


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