Remember Me?

I whisper to you, from a place in my soul.
Can you hear me?
Weeping willows and gardens of gold, fill my dreams.
Would you remember me if we met, somehow connect?
Until then, I keep singing to you.
Through this time I am here, I still believe you are waiting.
Silently, in the waters of Eden.
When sadness fills me eyes, and tears are blinding, are you holding my hand?
You are worth waiting for, eons and dimensions cannot hold this love.
Streaming from a vision, through the heavens I call.
When I fall, do you grab hold?
I will journey strong and learn to move along till we meet again.
What God brought together, cannot be parted by man.
Like bands of everlasting sand, we blend.
I kneel at the threshold of all that I am.
Knowing somehow, in creation, we’ll be together again.


2 thoughts on “Remember Me?

  1. I love your poems Reine, I miss seeing them on the box. I have always loved weeping willows, so graceful. I will think of you next time I see one.
    Don’t stop writing your poems, you are an inspiration.

    • Yvette, thank you for the kindness and taking time to read my writing. The weeping willows are always in my dreams. I miss the box, but cannot get into the site anymore. Say hello for me please!

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