I Am Free

In my blindness, I started on a journey.
Walked through the glass and into the mirror.
Turning around I seen myself, backwards.
How did I get in here? How do I get out?
I sat for weeks thinking of a solution,
What would cause such an intrusion?
I searched for the lesson, searched for the lover,
Searched for the tranquil ripples in the ocean.
I asked life for mercy, The Universe to heal me.
I held on to dreams and illusions of emotion.
Knelt down to Gaia, sifted through the sand.
I wanted answers.
I thought I sent light, flew through the cosmos at night.
Thought I found my twin flame, the mind can play games;
If the soul is not clear, we bring chaos near.
In the hours of screaming in confusion and frustration,
The dilation began.
I stopped the thinking.
I held out my hands.
I let truth come in.
I move with everything, I ask nothing.
I changed my reality, with a shift to simplicity.
No expectations, no out of body meditations.
No erotic misconceptions, no mortal redemption.
I am free.


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