Kiss Me Within The Sun

Hush concubine, from thy sentient breath comes fire.
Thrust into fevers sting beneath your brow.
Unto the earth we cast ember and air as we swirl around.
Speak not of flesh, come forth and taste.
Mouth of crimson, her eyes paint your skin.
She knows you are listening.

Temptress of the velvet game, as you slip you say her name.
Have you come to play?
Silver droplets from her fingertips, moisten your thoughts;
Our lunar eclipse.
Kneel on her floor, raven and gold, she pours her warmth into you.
What is your reality, denying her sensuality?
Venus illuminates us as we reach for the flame.
She stretches across your body, lay beneath soft movement.
From within, the vibrations are deep, rising slowly.
Blue prisms of energy encase these immortal beings.
Time stands still, creation binds the union.
Bright fluid rays of white radiate beyond the space they share now as one.
The journey has begun, entwined in the sun;
From her lips, within love, they shine on.


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