The Journey

Still your heart and mind for a moment,
Though the time right now might be pain;
Hear when I say.
Life is a transition;
Trust your soul, before you came here, you believed it would hold.
Though your head is in the clouds, your feet are on the ground;
Dream if you need, to inspire the seeds to grow.
This flow of change is letting go.
This IS why you came you know.
It’s hard to take, why would we want to break?
Why would we test ourselves so?
To bring it home.
The light that we shine, needs us for another time.
Many to come, to raise the hum, to shift the vibration
They will feel these sensations and see.
Welcome to the journey.
Though it might not seem clear, you have to believe deeply;
Compassion and selflessness is always the lesson.
We have duties and families, that keep us from falling,
Though there’s always a calling, that must be fulfilled.
We have guidance and alliance that whisper our truths,
Listen when they come through, with your soul not your will.
Desires can pull, make the mind confused, this is when you stop.
There are needs and there are wants.
What is meant to be will surface, come to focus and teach us.
Unconditional love, is easier said then done, we want to control emotions, give our love devotions, but this is not of service, it brings sadness.
Love without bounds, like the lotus spins around.
It will set you free, into all that you WILL be.
Life, is not about you, it’s for you to heal.
A chance to be free


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