To The Sky

Right here, on the edge of everything.
Between reality and myth, pouring light from the cliff,
In the name of all grace and creation;
The truest of lives in this dimension, in her ascension shined love.
In the deepest hours of your tears, soft are the hands that lifted you for years.
Hidden in the shadows, of the dogwood trees, she smiles in your dreams.
Hush dear soul for the destiny unfolds, no need to seek.
Ages ago, in the rivers flow, you drank from the truth.
In mercy the water washed your memory.
Looking through the everglades and arches of blue, the vision pulled you through.
Do you not remember calling?
On your knees brethren you plead for peace.
The faces became traces of violence and fear.
They knew you’d reach them here.
So they gave you humanity.
In your selfless request on behalf of the rest, we gave you wings.
Raise your voice to the sky and sing!
The vibrations gave the lost a healing.
Like a symphony the sun poured through the strings.
The hope began to sift through the negative energy.
The miracle of being.
Go forth and live among the broken cities, feed the hungry with empathy and compassion.
Your life is filled with everlasting gold, no man shall hold you from your fate.
As you pray, joy pours down from home;
All the lives you touch becomes one.
Soaring like a chorus from beyond, Spirit is always close.
Close your eyes and still your mind, we need you blind, so you can see;
The blessing in the synchronicity.
It’s time for the unity.
Paint the earth with beauty.
We are watching…

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