The Day

In the tunnels, along the highway, just blending with the lines;
Take a drive, come alive, get lost and thrive for the day.
Go to the sea, swim to feel free, breath the salt air deeply.
Play in the garden, feel earth in your hands, the sun in your eyes,
The sky is alive!
Walk through the trails, nature unveils through you.
Listen to the trees, lose your thoughts through the leaves,
The sparrows pull you out of your space; move with the landscape;
Have no place to be, but the moment.
What is reality?
What ever it wants to be, what ever the moment sees, it changes within you and me.
Go laugh with a child, let your heart run wild, create a melody.
Paint a scenery, write some poetry, right now is endless can’t you see?
There is nothing to master, what ever you’re after, is found in simplicity.
No money can feel happy, no worry can believe, no wants can find peace.
There is sanctuary.
In the day, in the hour, in the second, the mind is free.


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