In The Stillness

In the stillness of my soul, in the sunset that traced her glow across my life;
Across the Universe, higher then my dreams, beyond Heaven as I breathe, I fall to my knees.
I believe.
I feel you in everything.
When you smile, the warmth fills me.
The ocean is no divide can you not see?
There is no space in between you and me.
I hear you speaking in the breeze,
I feel your energy across my lips and I hush and slip into bliss.
You are a miracle in my life, worth all the journey.
I ask nothing of you, I need nothing from you.
Everything I am shines when you come through.
I am the shadows, I am rain, I am the one who will never leave.
When life calls and pulls you away, I pray for you always.
When everyone is taking, when you have nothing left to give,
I’m pouring all I have to lift you up and through it.
You never have to turn around, you never have to hold my hand.
My love for you does not demand.
It’s who I am.
The light streams this poem, into me, for you.
I trust this with everything.
My entire being.
You have my heart…


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