Immaculate Archangel

The water encased me, only ripples of breath around my body.
I began to sing, the songs came faster then I could hear.
Flowing like a beam of light, from your heart.
White sound of soft halos around you, You held me deeply.
On my knees before you, Michael I finally see.
In my dreams you came to me.
Within my creativity, you reach.
So long you’ve whispered through my tears, believed in me for all these years.
I drowned you out with naivety, chaos and envy.
In the darkest of hours, you sang to me, guided my journey,
Your grace covers me.
Oh beautiful Michael, forgive thee, for my humanity got the best of me.
So pure and sweet were the hands that surrounded me.
How you’ve tried to come through, I now feel you.
As I kneel in your glory, so humbled and serene;
Hallelujah, golden being.
I will sing again, with you.


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