Moving Forward (reposting this because it’s part of me)

Yesterday I had a few chances to make things right in my life. I know when this comes it’s a deep blessing. I understand things now I had not some time ago; with this, I followed my heart.
It has been some time since my ex had been spending time with his children, yesterday was Thanksgiving – a time for family and thanks. He wanted to see the kids for the holiday. I was so filled with joy he wanted to. They miss him. When he left it was hard for me. We had been back and forth so long but always tried to make things work. We have kids and tried to put that first always. Family as more important to us then anything. What I could not grasp was, if I was not the one for him, why did he pretend so many years? 15 years he went along, but deep inside he was not happy. He felt guilt and did not want to be the bad guy for leaving. All this time though, I knew deep inside he was not happy, but talked myself out of it.
Then, he met his new love, this woman was everything he ever wanted. She fits perfectly with him, they need each other. I was heart broken at the time, it was not me. I gave so many years, children, love. I was angry at her and him. I let myself live in hurt and anger for a time.
Slowly, with seeing my truth, I was able to see how and why things happen the way they do. I began to understand life is change, and those who are right for us at one time, are there by choice from both people and heal each others karma in beautiful selfless agreement. This does not mean forever. We are only here in this life for a short time. We NEED to experience both sides of this.
Yesterday, I seen his new love in new eyes. She is a good soul with a beautiful light and heart that loves him deeply. I seen how much they love one another. It opened my heart. It felt so healing to let the kids spend time with him and his new love, so the kids can see him happy and shine. Let the kids learn forgiveness and to not judge. I want to see those I care about happy in this life. Never can I wish otherwise. In the end of this life, we all meet again and will see how even the hardest lessons here are in pure compassion and love. If we just learn to move through the moments that hurt, we can heal and create a direct connection to home and the light that is EVERYTHING. Two people I care for deeply found each other in this life, and will create much love to send back to all and the ripples will be felt by the universe. It’s the most pure prayer we can live. I’m beyond humbled and grateful for this chance to heal this. I feel this is a true blessing because I can SEE the way to go with things now. I will NEVER be the same.
The second thing was his Aunti who is dying. She has cancer and it’s just a matter of time. I’ve not seen her for years, but always pray for her with all my heart. She is one of the kindest souls I have met. She came through a beautiful circle of life. She asked for me yesterday. I knew why and went. Sitting there with everyone had me in awe, I felt the vibrations raise because we all were in the space of love. I had another blessing to know that my calling to help those very ill in their last hours is were I am to be. It will make me study with all my soul to make sure they get the best care I can give. I am hoping to visit her within the next few days and let her know how loved she is and maybe help ease her fears that everyone she leaves behind will be hurting. She needs to know when home is filling her and calling, to let go. She had this glow of rose around her, and there were many orbs around her encased in gold. She felt like she was already between here and home. I feel she knows already.
I seen the joy in her face to see the kids too, they mean much to her.
So with this blog, I am opening me heart and sharing a little blessing in my journey.
All my love and light!

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward (reposting this because it’s part of me)

  1. Reine,

    It is great that GOD’s Light of love and bestowal is shine in and through you to others. You will be blessed by being a blessing. May GOD’s direct light of love continue to shine on your whole family this holiday when we all give THANKS


  2. Reine,
    (corrected version)
    It is great that GOD’s Light of love and bestowal is shining in and through you to others. You will be blessed by being a blessing. May GOD’s direct light of love continue to shine on your whole family this holiday when we all give THANKS

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