Right And Wrong (let go of ideas)

Wrong and right; this has been on my mind for some time now, and I have meditated on this and asked for guidance. Something moved me deeply to explore this. So many times I hear this over and over, wrong and right. I believe this is a human condition, not from our true existence. Let me explain…
We are here to learn and experience and grow. We came here to heal. How else can a soul heal but to move through direct experience of all types of emotions and situations. Now, you do not have be some enlightened being to know this, it’s simple. There is not really thought to understand this, it just is.

We are all connected at the core base, many fragments of one light source, one place. We are humans here, we are separated by our journeys and experiences, not existence.
Many of us have the same lessons to learn, but the way we learn is different. Perhaps we are both here to learn stillness and how to deal with loss, but you learn from loss of a loved one dying and I learn from losing a love. Now, the mind will begin to form ideas, “that is not the same type of loss, how can you compare such things.” But this is where right and wrong become blinding and cause chaos.
We want to have some sort of ‘ground rule’ for such things. Right being just, fair, honest. Wrong, negative, dishonest, hurtful. But when we compare our ideas through another’s life experience it’s quite simply forming an idea. No two souls can learn the same way, what might be, wrong for one is right for the other.
This really is something we hear over and over, but yet many still hold on to wrong and right.
To kill is wrong, here, in our hearts and eyes. What happens when this person who killed goes home to the light? Do you believe the light judges them? They look at their lives, and see everything in every direction. The big picture. The person came here to learn something from this, but we cannot learn if we are judging before we know the lesson. The ONLY way to know the true lesson is from direct contact with Spirit. To be one in that moment with what IS. Then we bring the lessons from life home and KNOW what it is as a whole it all meant.
Now we do learn here, we learn lessons as we go. We get moment from Spirit that shows us how to move through something.
We see the ending and healing of many things we must learn as well. When we forgive, when we love, when we create and become still. But we are fragmented still to have the capacity to judge wrong and right. I know this might un-nerve some who feel there are a set of ‘rules’ or commandments we live by. Of course we are not meant to harm, kill ect. This goes against what we are, where we came from. BUT, this is life. This is only one dimension of everything. There are many here who are on a lower level. They need to go through such things as anger and hate, they are moving like those of us who are more tuned higher from direct experience of light/love. They are also vibrating at a different life rate then others, and this is sort of like a superimposed state of being. They CAN be reached with utter compassion and love/prayers, but need to go through what they must to evolve.
How you might be asking, can we say that the man who murdered many is not wrong? For us, it is. For the man, it is something he chose to learn from, to bring home to see the whole of this. Many lost their lives and in the state of grace did it with compassion to help this soul killing to learn a lesson. Everything is done with compassion, but we must be able to be still to experience this.
EVERYONE feels the ripples of one souls experience for the greater goodness. If one soul sends hate, we all feel it in some way through the energies of being interconnected, BUT, we are not learning from this like that, we are just feeling the effects.
WE feel the negative to know what is love. Negative only knows it’s negative because it’s filled with love.
If YOU are in a place of peace and love, these ripples calm when they get to you. The source is all compassion, humanity is mixed.
Instead of forming ideas of right and wrong, exist in the movement of compassion and empathy, unconditional love and truth and there will be no reason to NEED to form such ideas, spend more life learning from moments and NOW and know that the reason we are here is to fall and grow. There is only perfection inside of us, not around us until we let go of the ideas and see WHAT IS.


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