The Masters

Never forsaken, no words need to be spoken;
The true Masters work for humanity in peace.
Silently they guide us, from the thrones of Heaven,
Among us they breathe, the elders of the universal divinity.
Lay your egos to sleep for the truth will not be reached for self.
Sentient beings, no mind can be in this space, it is between pulsations of being.
Messages are clear when ideas created by fear are released.
There is no will of man that has moved love forward.
Love is not filled with motivation, it’s purity of heart.
The third layer of existence does not hear, but understands energies.
Language is simplistic in nature and does not convey the illumination they bring.
Heaven is leveled in dimensional consciousness.
Many forms of existence are within, many lives to live.
What is the future?
We unfold it and find ourselves again in eternity.
Travel the 7 stages of freedom, trial by air, water, fire;
At the end of this journey, within peace and light,
The Masters, in the halls of everything, in the color of rose,
Open your book of life and share with you who you really are.
A child of everything…


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