Come Around

One day, when I have earned my way;
When my heart can be seen, as I pray,
My light will fill an empty space in someone’s life.
No material ideals can fill this place, no sunset or achievement fades the loneliness.
Still in my soul I whisper for a hand to hold at night.
My dreams are falling silent.
I want to give everything I am in love and share a smile.
Even if graced for awhile, I would kneel in deep thanks.
For nothing I take for granted from another;
Such a blessing is the kiss of true love.
I do not have much, but in my sincere touch is compassion.
Till my life fades away, in each breath I take,
I hope sometime, he will come around my way.

Forever 19 (for a dear friend) I love ya!

Beautiful woman, you’ve come so far;
In your heart shines a star, lives a world you create.
Soft soul, in your pain you will grow, life will flow.
Out of your element you travel, your faith unraveled for now.
A teacher of the children, all you are given, is all you are.
When you look in their faces, open to the traces of wonder and truth.
They will find this through you, all that you do, all that you share.
Honest and fair of spirit, many can hear it, open up and see.
When tears must fall, when the journey takes a toll on your will;
Lift your hands to the sky, let the moments die, break and bleed, simply be.
When you find solid ground, stand and look around,
All that surrounds you is from your creation.
Fear is sensation, not dilation of inner truth.
One step at a time, we must learn to climb slowly.
Let your mind be still, do not search for answers;
This causes chaos and drains you.
Take no serious action, just breathe and observe your reaction to the moment.
This is your time, to end the crying, to end the fight with the past.
Live in the now, the present is how you break free.
I believe in you, and all you will be.

Within You

Time, I am not looking for a way out.
Life, I have no doubts.
Gently, I will come around.
There are no hands to grab on the way down.
Stand on solid ground, what is lost is always found.
What a vast and winding trail, learn to observe and you will never fail.
Build your cities made of promises and need, the only thing you feed is greed.
What happened to simplicity?
These days, everyone has a cause, a fight for some law.
It’s the human flaw, wanting more.
Who is still, to let experience fill the soul?
What if you were told, the only thing that really flows is letting go?
What is past, but a mass of collected ideals, from nothing real.
The heart can guide, only when it feels.
Where are we from? Where will we go?
Questions find the birth of the whole.
Explore with everything you are.
Be one with the stars as you gaze into calm.
The waters of oceans are in constant motion, drift through them.
Smile into the strangers eyes, for what lies at the depth of the shine, is a beautiful light, a blooming life.
Hope, it does not heal the world.
Love is not a word, it’s more then all you’ve heard.
It’s your existence, your conscious, creation that is in us.
Do not fear, you are on the path to everlasting truth.
Find it within you. There are no gurus, no book of rules, no complex clues.
Every road leads to the blue, the heaven you always knew, the sun, the moon. I’ll be waiting for you, on the calm side of confusion.
Quietly as you sleep, my intention true, the flame burns beautiful, seek and you’ll come through.

He Was A Dream

Was a kaleidoscope of laughter and season right then,
Wrapped in scarves and mittens, they held hands in the snow.
No place to be, nowhere to go.
He smiled at her animation, child – like wonder across their faces as they fall into bliss.
Then came the kiss.
Lost in the moment of breath and silence,
He lifted her chin, looked into her eyes, saw his life flash by.
They began to cry, their hearts took flight, it felt so right finally.
As she woke to the day, the dream fades away, where could he be?
The morning whispers, ‘he was just a dream.’

The Door

What door opens when silence falls;
Fear is closing in your walls.
Do dreams haunt your waking hours?
The ivy creeps across the tower of your mind;
Brick by brick you leave behind a life.
What you believe, is what you become,
The sound of delirium drones your skin.
I let you in…
Sky of wonder, sky of rage, painted whispers
I can taste…
Melt like caramel on my fingertips;
Feed my lips, slip away;
Ice formations in deep sensations, make breath still.
Seeping into the warmth of blue,
I want you.
Tongue of fever, stir my skin;
Pull me under, take me in.
I lose my will beneath your movement.
Merge with me…
The door is closed, but you have the key.

Never Let Go

Hush, you never speak the words.
Turn away, because the words you cannot say.
Like a razor across your tongue, the words would have stung.
Silence, because the words would cause you pain;
The words will remain unsaid, as the heart bled;
Time carries on.
The soul, it wonders to my bed, whispers on my lips;
As we slip away.
Like prisms in the sky, a weeping willows sigh, the sound of the rivers cry – I never ask why.
Why it’s left untold, as the story will unfold, destiny will show,
All the truth we hold.
Bonded by the heart, if our worlds should fall apart,
Reach me without fear, the words will make it clear.
This is why we’re here, never let that go…

Child Of The Cosmos (Painting by Alan Parham)

I am deeply honored to have a immaculate artist Alan Parham to have shared his creative light with me and painting what he seen in my poem.  My gratitude for his kindness sending me this piece.


I am the child of celestial continuity, the heavens spin and flow through me.
The time continuum is my source of vibration;
I am the compass of Vesica Pisces.
I am the eclipse of Luna and sea,
Convergence of the galaxy.
The seven points of light ring,
Dilate your higher being.
The seven rays stream from the saints,
Above your soul lay the crown of flames.
Bleeding are the wounds of faith,
Kneel in your pain, sacred is this day.
Keeper of wisdom, master of light;
Travel on this weary night.
Lay your mercy across thy soul,
Break the boundaries to breathe us whole.
Let truth unfold.
Within creation, is ascension.
Guide me through the next dimension.
Levels of conscious transmutes our center;
Peace becomes us brethren.
Scroll the sight of sages, we are the elders of ages.
What was, always will be,
Voyage through eternity.
Child of the Cosmos.

The Space Of Creating

Here is a story unfolding, of two lives exploring what space is.
Never met in person, finding a diversion from negative vibes.
They felt inspired, so they created online.
Two different sides, with views of truth and life.
Infused from above was a glorious light, kissed their souls to sleep at night.
The muses began to rise, you could see it in their eyes, a flame turned to fire, brought the artists higher so they could fly.
They painted from within, emotions inside movement.
On came the musician, blended with the poet,
Put creation forward, sharing a sacred space.
They wanted to trace in time, something to leave behind,
So others that came could shine, open up their minds.
The musician touched her life, brought her words alive.
The poet made him think, brought in collaboration.
Within the distant shores, two lives touched many more.
A new vibration born, sent into the stars, the universe is ours,
In a space of creative love.

My Poetry (a long time coming to explain)

I believe once in the many years I have been sharing my poetry, have I had to explain myself. I will now because it’s impossible as it seems anymore to write without my words being taken wrong at times. For the most part, a poet leaves the reader to think what they may. I have, but I need to clear this up for my sanity.
Most of the time, I write from emotions, experience, another place in my soul that speaks to me.
As of late, my poetry has been somewhat dark and many have come to me asking if I was ‘depressed’ or perhaps thinking of offing myself. Both accounts I say NO.
I’m quite the contrary, very happy and filled with joy. My journey here has grown leaps and bounds. I have not really elaborated on some of the things I have been through the last year because it’s deeply personal and I rather not. I will say however, I’ve never asked anyone for help. Anyone who has offered it has been of their own kindness and I am deeply grateful for all those who give me light and love.
I do however stand on my own two feet and am well grounded.
I weep sometimes, but I never claimed to be above bad days.
A lot of my poetry as of late has been spiritual or from stepping outside myself and being in another persons shoes.
I call it empathy, compassion, trying to understand others challenges.
I never shared these poems to bring anyone into a sad state or mislead. I was simply expressing myself creatively.
Twin Flames, Love, Life, God, Dreams; all entwined into words that prolifically paint imaginations.
We all need an outlet to decipher life’s clues and journey, this is mine.
So please, do not worry I am blessed beyond words in my life and all the challenges I overcome. I have faith no man can shake from me. I SHINE!

Don’t Break Your Mind

Never has the wisdom of heaven come from a golden chalice.
No mortal being has found faith in silence away from experience.
In silence we find stillness, the wisdom comes from interaction.
When you reach for the heart of the broken, you will find the face of angels, the light of eons, the omnipresence.
In your selflessness, there is blessings beyond words.
As you kiss the soul of the meek, your compassion wakes the trumpets of creation singing!
Who am I to speak? No – one, and that is the beauty.
Who are you to seek? No – one, that is the simplicity.
It’s what we do daily, how we find peace that keeps the belief.
Sometimes it’s extraordinary, sometimes we’re weak.
You’re not my savior, I’m not your dream.
This is life, a wave in time, a moment in motion;
A spark, a devotion.
Deep is the ocean we survive, but we are alive!
The angels are the eyes of those who have fallen, that shined their light when you answered the calling.
Always with mercy, they bring you back on path,
Smile on your soul, the love is coming back to you as a whole.
They never let go, just let you fall, sometimes we must crawl,
This is the blessing, the questions and testing of it all.
The answers change, as we rearrange and adapt.
Tomorrow it starts over again, until the end, or maybe the beginning…

Polarity Of Truth

What bitter pill did you swallow?
What makes a heart so hollow?
What did you hope to achieve?
Is this how you want to live?

Not all people are the same.
Direct the words, where the angers to blame.
Your only destroying yourself,
Loathing will just pin you down.
There will always be fear before trust,
But, to live in your past and disgust,
Is imprisoning your soul.

We were all meant to grow.
Learn from mistakes as a whole.
This is the reality of life,
We hear, not always what we like.
But you have to understand,
And respect every gentile hand,
That reaches out.

Harmony, is what it’s all about.
You can disagree with me,
Yet, exist peacefully in the same space.
Pride, can only save face for awhile.
So open up your mind and smile,
Understand another view,
And remember,
The polarity of truth.

Always Remember


Take this life,
For what it is.
Sometimes profound,
With every movement.
A surreal quest,
A mind in distress,
And it makes no sense,
To cry over it.

A world gone numb,
Flashing before my eyes,
Like a movie screen.
In every scene, I read between the lines,
Just to survive.

You’re just like a child,
Exploring, exclaiming.
But, time brings change my friend.
You have to embrace the essence,
Remember all the moments,
And know this.

It’s reverence that bring us bliss,
If we could seal it with a kiss,
If you could hold it in your hands,
As it slips away like sand.

Look into these eyes,
I’ve never told you lies,
Was hope that made us high,
Always remember.



We are flesh and bone
As humanity toils the earth
From the time of birth
Creation has been on a mission
To seek perfection
Complicated by opinion
We regress
Tolerance is the first step
To understand.
We reap what we sow
Karma is nothing you own
It’s what you give, how you live
Not who you are
Life can be complex
If you take it out of context
You have to learn to reflect on yourself
And be open to learn
Less is your burden
When you welcome change
To observe without judging
To love without fear
To strive
To understand

The Cost


Silent moving moments,
Work like shadows of perception,
Hesitant of the distance,
Searching for a witness,
Wear it like a mask,
Feel for what you ask,
The wind will hold no secrets,
Blown across the open,
Words on parchment scrolls,
The vindication of your soul,
Weeping, sorrow fills your hands,
Tears seep gently in your sands,
Burry you like time thats lost,
I hope you see the time its cost,

Nature’s Alive


There was a soft haze, to blanket the earth,
The heat rises from the ground,
The moisture evaporates, and the clouds cling to the sky.
Off, in the wayward rolling land,
There is a break in the silence.
Nature is alive.
She is gazing over the creation called man.
Taming us, she has no mercy.
My spirit thrives on her tantric fruits,
Feeding my thirsty soul,
I am her slave.
A servant to creation, respect her,
And you will survive.


In The Dust Of The Dove

Watch this bird fall from the sky, in a downward spiral.
Before she took flight, the wings that held her high,
Now became bruised and iced.
As the ground came fast, they pointed and laughed at her dive.
She took a deep breath and knew this would hurt more then life.
Oh how she knew…
What could she do?
The wind that carried her last time gave up, the rain came pouring on.
Her life became tired, believe she really tried.
Hung to the sun like a savoir that came through.
There was no hope left, she lost her shine.
Time was a clue, it does not get any better, this was her truth.
No one needed this dove they all seen a goose.
How can she survive when she felt no worth?
In her eyes, you could see the fall of her world.
Make this count, let it all out.
The words no one got, brought her through hell and back.
She scrolled them in helplessness, what a mess.
They shook their heads as they tossed roses on the ground.
Now the bird becomes dust, blown across the universe.
Heaven never ends, but remember this…
When the morning comes and you hear her song,
The goose sung in glory like a dove.

I Set You Free

Ever wonder where the day went – time spent in a daze.
Hours pass, how long will this last, my world stood still.
Have I gone numb, where is the hum of your heart?
I look to the stars but they seem so far away now.
Going through the motions, like a wave in the ocean.
But everything feels strange.
There’s an empty space, that was once your place in my soul.
It was once so strong, but something went wrong,
I feel alone again.
In the back of your mind, I was a moment in time,
Some words on some paper, some lost crusader you felt bad for.
So you shut the door.
Left my crying on my floor; just once more.
Like a storm merged at sea, I cannot keep this inside of me.
It’s tearing me apart, I don’t know where you are anymore.
Maybe it was all a dream, nothing that it seemed.
A story in my mind, made up over time.
Maybe I’m insane, I thought you felt the same.
It tossed me through the glass, made me soul a wreck.
I wanted to believe, that this time it would not end.
That God inside his mercy, would give me experience.
But I am frozen.
I never meant to haunt you, I never meant to taunt you,
Never meant for you to feel sorry for me,
I’ll leave you be.
In my love for you, I set you free.


In the effervescent amber glow, the noise of metal churning rose.

Was it shifting gears after all these years, you burned the muse where she stood.

Raging flames of  blistering heat, she was your sanctuary;

Now she’s all that is left of your past.

metamorphosis of  this wild fire, why did you touch her; did it scorch your soul?

Swaying in the direction the wind blows, she outlines your shadow.

Luminous and translucent mortal desire, did she capture you in trance?

In your sideward glance, you burned the muse where she stood.

She was your gift, to set your mind adrift into inspiration and dreams.

You thought you set her free, but instead you silenced the flames.

Beneath the smoldering embers glow,  is the trace of the spark that danced in the flow.

I Sit In The Shadows

I am invisible, my love for you is in silence.
I whisper it into the earth, the dark night, the tears on my pillow.
Visions sent go beyond my reasoning. I know not what to understand.
I beg once again in forgiveness. Please believe me Mother of creation, my heart meant innocence.
With each exhale, I give you my soul.
I am your servant.
This heart I have been given I’ve failed.
In the music of the solar system, had I begged you to experience love?
Did I not understand what was already there?
Fallen to earth to see through the torn sails.
I wonder if their eyes can see me?
I hold open my arms, no one grabs hold.
Is my lesson, this life I am to be alone?
Such a gift is life, a sincere smile shines for miles above.
I watch the children run, under the sun, without fear.
They are prisms of every color in nature.
Cast me now into the shadows,
I watch in awe as the soul mates meet.
Deep in their worlds, convergence unfolds,
I hear the notes of the divine melody.
In the mystery I shall be; guiding them through eternity.
Save a place for me, when I come home…

I Stand

In just this moment, all that I am, all that I knew,
All the ground pulled from under foot.
From my knees again I stood, brushed away the soot.
Between the gasp of breath, I give in.
I question not the force of the blow, I ask not to know
From my lips to the sky, I give thanks.
As the wind contours my shape, it blows the fears away.
While my eyes fill with sun, and miles wear my shoes,
These hands open in love to you.
Where ever this path leads to, I’ll always come through.

Sincere are the words that keep me here.
From a place so far, beyond the stars, I dream myself born.
Floating like a snow filled storm, when my heart is worn
I carry on.
Undone and drawn, I find the smallest spark;
Shinning in the dark, my God, are you taking me home?
Not once the soul gives up.
Touch my wounds, your light helps them heal.
There is more to feel, more to unveil;
Time is endless though my body is frail;
I am fused with all the lessons I failed.
There is no sentence to hell, just another chance to sail.
The ocean of experience carries me on the tide;
You forgive my being blind, you open my mind.
Sent me with a mission, to be filled with compassion.
To find beauty in the simple.
To open the doors for others to shine.
Show them how to climb.
Lift them up high, to the place of unconditional love.
So as the ground should break away, I will not look down
But hold on to my faith, it will keep me safe.
Intentions pure, I embrace this earth;
We are all together in this rebirth.

I Phone Nation

Look all you’ve got, in the palm of your hands;
The news, you tube, twitter, face book and Craigs list!
What do you want? What have they got?
Movies on demand, message boards and information.
Anything you think of, you can type it in;
Sitting in the park, does anyone see the stars anymore?
Do you punch it in your Iphone and gaze like lovers?
How complex, your relationships in text;
What is next – touch the screen to make love to me?
Walking with your heads down, sending IM’s to the boss across town.
Did you see that sunset? Did you forget to capture it and load it up on photo bucket?
Sharing your thoughts online, a wordpress blog or streaming live!
Who has time anymore; to get back to nature?
Who will update your myspace, who will check your e -mails?
When all else fails, there is always… life.

Glass Slippers

Standing in front of the mirror, the little girl spins,
On her feet glass slippers gleam.
So brave she dreams, the innocence beams from her eyes.
This little heart smiles, this little life begins hopefully.
Standing behind the glass, the angels whisper to her;
Through your purity, within your laughter, from your soul child,
There is a world to grow.
When you’re alone, left to fend on your own,
When nothing makes sense, when you’re at the crossroads,
When you begin to question everything;
Do not lose sight of the promises, the bliss, that first kiss.
Remember the stars in the sky, the wishes, dancing in the puddles and how to always find it.
In the darkest of hours, when the rain turns to blinding showers,
Put on your glass slippers and dance for hours.
One day little girl, when life becomes hard,
You will return to the mirror, and see yourself.

Healing Through Pain – A Fragmented Soul

In the stillness of my day, I came to understand something and I wanted to write this down so I can come back to it over and over.
Today I was listening to those around me and some music. In outside observation, it has come to me how many people seem to run from situations and people that have hurt them with what I have heard today as, “out of sight, out of mind” “move on, forget about them” “run as far as you can in the other direction”.
I for much time thought that was what I was to do as well. Walk away and forget – move on. We do need to let go of attachments.
But that is the idea we “need” someone or something. Quite simply it feels to me we get what we need, so anything outside of that is want. So we let go.
Letting go through is much different then “run far away”.
If we look once again at WHY we live as humans, we are here to heal. Why then would one run from something/someone?
Did they cheat on you; maybe they stole, lied?
Maybe they mislead you or you just cannot connect anymore on any level.
Without putting too much effort and causing mental chaos, it seems to me that these are blessings for us to stop fragmenting ourselves into bits and pieces of hurt and angers.
If your lover cheats on you, one goes through the motions of losing trust, feeling betrayed, anger, sorrow and wanting to know why?
Does knowing why stop any of the emotions? I believe not. It just takes up space in our souls and pushes us far away from being able to heal.
Everything is in front of us at this moment to experience what the soul NEEDS to heal if we do not fragment ourselves.
Many do not want to feel the pains, so they try to “escape” or “keep busy thinking of other things” maybe you are the type to dive into a project of some sort to, “keep your mind” off the emotions.
Now, not only will eventually it all come out, but you will experience all of these emotions haunting you. Your soul is trying to heal. If in these moments we just live them. We do not separate ourselves from feeling, we can also find our hearts can guide us directly.
I have never walked away from anyone leaving things open ended.
It makes no sense. When we leave this dimension, we have a life review that will bring us through it all anyway. But this chance we have to heal it now, to be aware and directly “SEE” what is in our pains, can change how we live.
I’ve had the blessing as of late everywhere in my life to heal. I have not turned away from them. The more I do not become fragmented and “run” “avoid” the pains, the more I feel my soul/heart open and shine.
Today I heard someone saying they left their spouse and never turned back and wiped them out of their head.
There was anger. There was deep hurt.
To understand why we hurt is to know this is the soul trying to not be fragmented anymore. How so?
The soul wants to forgive. To be in the state of love.
It really is not as complex as we let our rampant minds punish ourselves with by trying so hard to find answers from it all.
No matter what reasons are behind what happened, it’s the feeling we are left with.
This does not make us weak or with low self esteem if we experience directly and heal directly as we experience it.
In fact, it makes the soul shine! It opens us up deeply to the other side of the pains.
I never remove anyone from my mind/heart even if they hurt me.
If they were not meant to be there, they’d of not ever gotten in to begin with.
This does not mean to take abuse or repetitive hurting directly from someone, but it does mean that not being around them we can heal without running away from ourselves/souls/hearts/emotions.

In The Flow

Are you listening, are you reading?
Do you lay beside me as I’m sleeping?
Do you trace my eyes with breath?
Do you long to taste these lips?
Do you dream of laughter with me?
Does my love fall into the sea?
Do you see me?
Does the scent of orchids fill your senses?
Does the light of my soul touch you tender?
Do the words I write still inspire?
Does this energy send you higher and higher?
Stretch across the sky, we entwine, such a blessing divine.
In this life, apart;
You always echo in my heart.
A beautiful state of being.
Always reaching, always teaching,
Keep it flowing, knowing, we are never alone.

I am a helpless romantic, I express myself in words. This is who I am, it’s a gift. Life is my passion, love is my fire. This is my story…