In The Flow

Are you listening, are you reading?
Do you lay beside me as I’m sleeping?
Do you trace my eyes with breath?
Do you long to taste these lips?
Do you dream of laughter with me?
Does my love fall into the sea?
Do you see me?
Does the scent of orchids fill your senses?
Does the light of my soul touch you tender?
Do the words I write still inspire?
Does this energy send you higher and higher?
Stretch across the sky, we entwine, such a blessing divine.
In this life, apart;
You always echo in my heart.
A beautiful state of being.
Always reaching, always teaching,
Keep it flowing, knowing, we are never alone.

I am a helpless romantic, I express myself in words. This is who I am, it’s a gift. Life is my passion, love is my fire. This is my story…

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