Glass Slippers

Standing in front of the mirror, the little girl spins,
On her feet glass slippers gleam.
So brave she dreams, the innocence beams from her eyes.
This little heart smiles, this little life begins hopefully.
Standing behind the glass, the angels whisper to her;
Through your purity, within your laughter, from your soul child,
There is a world to grow.
When you’re alone, left to fend on your own,
When nothing makes sense, when you’re at the crossroads,
When you begin to question everything;
Do not lose sight of the promises, the bliss, that first kiss.
Remember the stars in the sky, the wishes, dancing in the puddles and how to always find it.
In the darkest of hours, when the rain turns to blinding showers,
Put on your glass slippers and dance for hours.
One day little girl, when life becomes hard,
You will return to the mirror, and see yourself.

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