Healing Through Pain – A Fragmented Soul

In the stillness of my day, I came to understand something and I wanted to write this down so I can come back to it over and over.
Today I was listening to those around me and some music. In outside observation, it has come to me how many people seem to run from situations and people that have hurt them with what I have heard today as, “out of sight, out of mind” “move on, forget about them” “run as far as you can in the other direction”.
I for much time thought that was what I was to do as well. Walk away and forget – move on. We do need to let go of attachments.
But that is the idea we “need” someone or something. Quite simply it feels to me we get what we need, so anything outside of that is want. So we let go.
Letting go through is much different then “run far away”.
If we look once again at WHY we live as humans, we are here to heal. Why then would one run from something/someone?
Did they cheat on you; maybe they stole, lied?
Maybe they mislead you or you just cannot connect anymore on any level.
Without putting too much effort and causing mental chaos, it seems to me that these are blessings for us to stop fragmenting ourselves into bits and pieces of hurt and angers.
If your lover cheats on you, one goes through the motions of losing trust, feeling betrayed, anger, sorrow and wanting to know why?
Does knowing why stop any of the emotions? I believe not. It just takes up space in our souls and pushes us far away from being able to heal.
Everything is in front of us at this moment to experience what the soul NEEDS to heal if we do not fragment ourselves.
Many do not want to feel the pains, so they try to “escape” or “keep busy thinking of other things” maybe you are the type to dive into a project of some sort to, “keep your mind” off the emotions.
Now, not only will eventually it all come out, but you will experience all of these emotions haunting you. Your soul is trying to heal. If in these moments we just live them. We do not separate ourselves from feeling, we can also find our hearts can guide us directly.
I have never walked away from anyone leaving things open ended.
It makes no sense. When we leave this dimension, we have a life review that will bring us through it all anyway. But this chance we have to heal it now, to be aware and directly “SEE” what is in our pains, can change how we live.
I’ve had the blessing as of late everywhere in my life to heal. I have not turned away from them. The more I do not become fragmented and “run” “avoid” the pains, the more I feel my soul/heart open and shine.
Today I heard someone saying they left their spouse and never turned back and wiped them out of their head.
There was anger. There was deep hurt.
To understand why we hurt is to know this is the soul trying to not be fragmented anymore. How so?
The soul wants to forgive. To be in the state of love.
It really is not as complex as we let our rampant minds punish ourselves with by trying so hard to find answers from it all.
No matter what reasons are behind what happened, it’s the feeling we are left with.
This does not make us weak or with low self esteem if we experience directly and heal directly as we experience it.
In fact, it makes the soul shine! It opens us up deeply to the other side of the pains.
I never remove anyone from my mind/heart even if they hurt me.
If they were not meant to be there, they’d of not ever gotten in to begin with.
This does not mean to take abuse or repetitive hurting directly from someone, but it does mean that not being around them we can heal without running away from ourselves/souls/hearts/emotions.


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