I Phone Nation

Look all you’ve got, in the palm of your hands;
The news, you tube, twitter, face book and Craigs list!
What do you want? What have they got?
Movies on demand, message boards and information.
Anything you think of, you can type it in;
Sitting in the park, does anyone see the stars anymore?
Do you punch it in your Iphone and gaze like lovers?
How complex, your relationships in text;
What is next – touch the screen to make love to me?
Walking with your heads down, sending IM’s to the boss across town.
Did you see that sunset? Did you forget to capture it and load it up on photo bucket?
Sharing your thoughts online, a wordpress blog or streaming live!
Who has time anymore; to get back to nature?
Who will update your myspace, who will check your e -mails?
When all else fails, there is always… life.


2 thoughts on “I Phone Nation

  1. Ironically, I am reading your blog on my iPhone and yes, I just saw the reflection of a near full moon in the morning sky and considered capturing the image.
    But what if getting back to nature means being in my natural state, currently a mixture of anxiety and depression I am happy to be distracted from.
    Maybe my iPhone is keeping me alive right now?

    • Mark, there is a huge difference between using a Iphone and how some young people I see around me become fully absorbed into such things (even playstations, wii ect) and rather sit and text then to enjoy the park. It was a moment today on my lunchbreak that prompted the writing.
      Besides, how do you know I was not just dreaming backwards and thought I was psychic? ;P
      You always keep my on my toes with your answers/blogs, thank you for the time you take to read and reply, it means a lot.
      love and light to you!

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