I Stand

In just this moment, all that I am, all that I knew,
All the ground pulled from under foot.
From my knees again I stood, brushed away the soot.
Between the gasp of breath, I give in.
I question not the force of the blow, I ask not to know
From my lips to the sky, I give thanks.
As the wind contours my shape, it blows the fears away.
While my eyes fill with sun, and miles wear my shoes,
These hands open in love to you.
Where ever this path leads to, I’ll always come through.

Sincere are the words that keep me here.
From a place so far, beyond the stars, I dream myself born.
Floating like a snow filled storm, when my heart is worn
I carry on.
Undone and drawn, I find the smallest spark;
Shinning in the dark, my God, are you taking me home?
Not once the soul gives up.
Touch my wounds, your light helps them heal.
There is more to feel, more to unveil;
Time is endless though my body is frail;
I am fused with all the lessons I failed.
There is no sentence to hell, just another chance to sail.
The ocean of experience carries me on the tide;
You forgive my being blind, you open my mind.
Sent me with a mission, to be filled with compassion.
To find beauty in the simple.
To open the doors for others to shine.
Show them how to climb.
Lift them up high, to the place of unconditional love.
So as the ground should break away, I will not look down
But hold on to my faith, it will keep me safe.
Intentions pure, I embrace this earth;
We are all together in this rebirth.


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