I Sit In The Shadows

I am invisible, my love for you is in silence.
I whisper it into the earth, the dark night, the tears on my pillow.
Visions sent go beyond my reasoning. I know not what to understand.
I beg once again in forgiveness. Please believe me Mother of creation, my heart meant innocence.
With each exhale, I give you my soul.
I am your servant.
This heart I have been given I’ve failed.
In the music of the solar system, had I begged you to experience love?
Did I not understand what was already there?
Fallen to earth to see through the torn sails.
I wonder if their eyes can see me?
I hold open my arms, no one grabs hold.
Is my lesson, this life I am to be alone?
Such a gift is life, a sincere smile shines for miles above.
I watch the children run, under the sun, without fear.
They are prisms of every color in nature.
Cast me now into the shadows,
I watch in awe as the soul mates meet.
Deep in their worlds, convergence unfolds,
I hear the notes of the divine melody.
In the mystery I shall be; guiding them through eternity.
Save a place for me, when I come home…

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