I Set You Free

Ever wonder where the day went – time spent in a daze.
Hours pass, how long will this last, my world stood still.
Have I gone numb, where is the hum of your heart?
I look to the stars but they seem so far away now.
Going through the motions, like a wave in the ocean.
But everything feels strange.
There’s an empty space, that was once your place in my soul.
It was once so strong, but something went wrong,
I feel alone again.
In the back of your mind, I was a moment in time,
Some words on some paper, some lost crusader you felt bad for.
So you shut the door.
Left my crying on my floor; just once more.
Like a storm merged at sea, I cannot keep this inside of me.
It’s tearing me apart, I don’t know where you are anymore.
Maybe it was all a dream, nothing that it seemed.
A story in my mind, made up over time.
Maybe I’m insane, I thought you felt the same.
It tossed me through the glass, made me soul a wreck.
I wanted to believe, that this time it would not end.
That God inside his mercy, would give me experience.
But I am frozen.
I never meant to haunt you, I never meant to taunt you,
Never meant for you to feel sorry for me,
I’ll leave you be.
In my love for you, I set you free.

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