In The Dust Of The Dove

Watch this bird fall from the sky, in a downward spiral.
Before she took flight, the wings that held her high,
Now became bruised and iced.
As the ground came fast, they pointed and laughed at her dive.
She took a deep breath and knew this would hurt more then life.
Oh how she knew…
What could she do?
The wind that carried her last time gave up, the rain came pouring on.
Her life became tired, believe she really tried.
Hung to the sun like a savoir that came through.
There was no hope left, she lost her shine.
Time was a clue, it does not get any better, this was her truth.
No one needed this dove they all seen a goose.
How can she survive when she felt no worth?
In her eyes, you could see the fall of her world.
Make this count, let it all out.
The words no one got, brought her through hell and back.
She scrolled them in helplessness, what a mess.
They shook their heads as they tossed roses on the ground.
Now the bird becomes dust, blown across the universe.
Heaven never ends, but remember this…
When the morning comes and you hear her song,
The goose sung in glory like a dove.

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