Don’t Break Your Mind

Never has the wisdom of heaven come from a golden chalice.
No mortal being has found faith in silence away from experience.
In silence we find stillness, the wisdom comes from interaction.
When you reach for the heart of the broken, you will find the face of angels, the light of eons, the omnipresence.
In your selflessness, there is blessings beyond words.
As you kiss the soul of the meek, your compassion wakes the trumpets of creation singing!
Who am I to speak? No – one, and that is the beauty.
Who are you to seek? No – one, that is the simplicity.
It’s what we do daily, how we find peace that keeps the belief.
Sometimes it’s extraordinary, sometimes we’re weak.
You’re not my savior, I’m not your dream.
This is life, a wave in time, a moment in motion;
A spark, a devotion.
Deep is the ocean we survive, but we are alive!
The angels are the eyes of those who have fallen, that shined their light when you answered the calling.
Always with mercy, they bring you back on path,
Smile on your soul, the love is coming back to you as a whole.
They never let go, just let you fall, sometimes we must crawl,
This is the blessing, the questions and testing of it all.
The answers change, as we rearrange and adapt.
Tomorrow it starts over again, until the end, or maybe the beginning…


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