My Poetry (a long time coming to explain)

I believe once in the many years I have been sharing my poetry, have I had to explain myself. I will now because it’s impossible as it seems anymore to write without my words being taken wrong at times. For the most part, a poet leaves the reader to think what they may. I have, but I need to clear this up for my sanity.
Most of the time, I write from emotions, experience, another place in my soul that speaks to me.
As of late, my poetry has been somewhat dark and many have come to me asking if I was ‘depressed’ or perhaps thinking of offing myself. Both accounts I say NO.
I’m quite the contrary, very happy and filled with joy. My journey here has grown leaps and bounds. I have not really elaborated on some of the things I have been through the last year because it’s deeply personal and I rather not. I will say however, I’ve never asked anyone for help. Anyone who has offered it has been of their own kindness and I am deeply grateful for all those who give me light and love.
I do however stand on my own two feet and am well grounded.
I weep sometimes, but I never claimed to be above bad days.
A lot of my poetry as of late has been spiritual or from stepping outside myself and being in another persons shoes.
I call it empathy, compassion, trying to understand others challenges.
I never shared these poems to bring anyone into a sad state or mislead. I was simply expressing myself creatively.
Twin Flames, Love, Life, God, Dreams; all entwined into words that prolifically paint imaginations.
We all need an outlet to decipher life’s clues and journey, this is mine.
So please, do not worry I am blessed beyond words in my life and all the challenges I overcome. I have faith no man can shake from me. I SHINE!

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