The Space Of Creating

Here is a story unfolding, of two lives exploring what space is.
Never met in person, finding a diversion from negative vibes.
They felt inspired, so they created online.
Two different sides, with views of truth and life.
Infused from above was a glorious light, kissed their souls to sleep at night.
The muses began to rise, you could see it in their eyes, a flame turned to fire, brought the artists higher so they could fly.
They painted from within, emotions inside movement.
On came the musician, blended with the poet,
Put creation forward, sharing a sacred space.
They wanted to trace in time, something to leave behind,
So others that came could shine, open up their minds.
The musician touched her life, brought her words alive.
The poet made him think, brought in collaboration.
Within the distant shores, two lives touched many more.
A new vibration born, sent into the stars, the universe is ours,
In a space of creative love.

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