Child Of The Cosmos (Painting by Alan Parham)

I am deeply honored to have a immaculate artist Alan Parham to have shared his creative light with me and painting what he seen in my poem.  My gratitude for his kindness sending me this piece.


I am the child of celestial continuity, the heavens spin and flow through me.
The time continuum is my source of vibration;
I am the compass of Vesica Pisces.
I am the eclipse of Luna and sea,
Convergence of the galaxy.
The seven points of light ring,
Dilate your higher being.
The seven rays stream from the saints,
Above your soul lay the crown of flames.
Bleeding are the wounds of faith,
Kneel in your pain, sacred is this day.
Keeper of wisdom, master of light;
Travel on this weary night.
Lay your mercy across thy soul,
Break the boundaries to breathe us whole.
Let truth unfold.
Within creation, is ascension.
Guide me through the next dimension.
Levels of conscious transmutes our center;
Peace becomes us brethren.
Scroll the sight of sages, we are the elders of ages.
What was, always will be,
Voyage through eternity.
Child of the Cosmos.

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