Never Let Go

Hush, you never speak the words.
Turn away, because the words you cannot say.
Like a razor across your tongue, the words would have stung.
Silence, because the words would cause you pain;
The words will remain unsaid, as the heart bled;
Time carries on.
The soul, it wonders to my bed, whispers on my lips;
As we slip away.
Like prisms in the sky, a weeping willows sigh, the sound of the rivers cry – I never ask why.
Why it’s left untold, as the story will unfold, destiny will show,
All the truth we hold.
Bonded by the heart, if our worlds should fall apart,
Reach me without fear, the words will make it clear.
This is why we’re here, never let that go…


3 thoughts on “Never Let Go

  1. You are my heart.
    You are my soul.
    These words of love.
    The story unfolds.
    I miss him madly.
    But Im running out of time.
    He gave me his heart.
    But I was so incline.
    I stop for a moment.
    Just to see his face.
    With every wrinkle and every trace.
    In remember the times that we were in love.
    He gave me his heart.
    I gave him my love.
    The thoughts were running through my head.
    If only he would love me,for who I am.
    I gave him no choice,so I set myself free.
    From these tears of unhappiness,I let it be.
    I took my joy and gave it to someone else.
    It’s just the sillents within me,I put on a shelf.

    • My sweet friend, if you find something in my words, I am deeply honored. I feel the same about your poems, because I always feel the open heart in your writings.
      I wish you would do like I have and create a blog, you never know who’s life you can touch and inspire. Poetry is not just about words and their metaphors, it’s about soul discovery and using our life journey in a creative way. They are everything in between breath and reality.
      Who we are, my words are not seperate from me, they keep me from being fragmented. I have a sense it’s the same for you.
      Your poem is beautiful, it made my heart sink, but to move the heart means we are getting past the head and the ego/self. Well done Cindy Johnson!

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