The Door

What door opens when silence falls;
Fear is closing in your walls.
Do dreams haunt your waking hours?
The ivy creeps across the tower of your mind;
Brick by brick you leave behind a life.
What you believe, is what you become,
The sound of delirium drones your skin.
I let you in…
Sky of wonder, sky of rage, painted whispers
I can taste…
Melt like caramel on my fingertips;
Feed my lips, slip away;
Ice formations in deep sensations, make breath still.
Seeping into the warmth of blue,
I want you.
Tongue of fever, stir my skin;
Pull me under, take me in.
I lose my will beneath your movement.
Merge with me…
The door is closed, but you have the key.

2 thoughts on “The Door

    • All of this is my work. I have not a clue what the link is but this was in my other poem comment as well. I do not mind sharing poems as long as folks give me credit. I love to share a maybe help inspire others or find hope in my poem.

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