He Was A Dream

Was a kaleidoscope of laughter and season right then,
Wrapped in scarves and mittens, they held hands in the snow.
No place to be, nowhere to go.
He smiled at her animation, child – like wonder across their faces as they fall into bliss.
Then came the kiss.
Lost in the moment of breath and silence,
He lifted her chin, looked into her eyes, saw his life flash by.
They began to cry, their hearts took flight, it felt so right finally.
As she woke to the day, the dream fades away, where could he be?
The morning whispers, ‘he was just a dream.’

4 thoughts on “He Was A Dream

  1. What a gorgeous poem, it reminds me of the wonder of childhood, like seeing snow for the first time and wanting it to come back. The metaphor of the dream fading seems to me to be like melting snow. But the snow wasn’t a dream? Once upon a time it was real.

    Have you heard the TV-Mania track I did with Nick and Warren? What’s In The Future? We recorded it on a day when there was snow falling. The Jupiter 4 (arpeggio synthesiser) in the background depicts the same kind of magic.

    Your poem needs to be married to similar music.

    • I’m deeply honored Mark, thanks for taking time to read my writing. I’ve not heard the track, where can I listen to it? I’d love to hear it to music. I do not have the means right now to make music (I do miss doing it though).
      Yes, the dream fading was to be taken either way like that. The kiss as well, was it the snow or a lover…

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