Within You

Time, I am not looking for a way out.
Life, I have no doubts.
Gently, I will come around.
There are no hands to grab on the way down.
Stand on solid ground, what is lost is always found.
What a vast and winding trail, learn to observe and you will never fail.
Build your cities made of promises and need, the only thing you feed is greed.
What happened to simplicity?
These days, everyone has a cause, a fight for some law.
It’s the human flaw, wanting more.
Who is still, to let experience fill the soul?
What if you were told, the only thing that really flows is letting go?
What is past, but a mass of collected ideals, from nothing real.
The heart can guide, only when it feels.
Where are we from? Where will we go?
Questions find the birth of the whole.
Explore with everything you are.
Be one with the stars as you gaze into calm.
The waters of oceans are in constant motion, drift through them.
Smile into the strangers eyes, for what lies at the depth of the shine, is a beautiful light, a blooming life.
Hope, it does not heal the world.
Love is not a word, it’s more then all you’ve heard.
It’s your existence, your conscious, creation that is in us.
Do not fear, you are on the path to everlasting truth.
Find it within you. There are no gurus, no book of rules, no complex clues.
Every road leads to the blue, the heaven you always knew, the sun, the moon. I’ll be waiting for you, on the calm side of confusion.
Quietly as you sleep, my intention true, the flame burns beautiful, seek and you’ll come through.

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